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Ghosts Of The Prairie: American Ghosts And Hauntings - Explore the haunted history of America with author Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society.

Alicia's Paranormal Pics - Ghosts and spirit energy photography. Orbs, vapors and various anomalies. Paranormal photo tips, and the authors definition of orbs.

Annals of the Supernatural - Reports and photos from SE Texas hauntings. Includes a well organized directory to ghost related sites.

Argonaut-Greywolf  - Ghost photos and investigations by Lori McDonald. Specializing in conducting paranormal research, gathering credible data and valid orb (Ghost) photography.

Bob's Ghost Museum - A paranormal site loaded with ghost photos and compelling evidence of their existence. Author's book, "Real Ghosts of South Florida" is discussed.

Buge's Ghosts - Ghost photos, stories, and links. Contributions welcomed.

Buggsy and Muggsy's Ghost Patrol - Stories, pictures and discussion about the paranormal.

Cathe's Ghost Encounters of the Civil War Kind - Web site features ghost stories and original ghost photography relating to the American Civil War and haunted sites. Also features ghost books and movies for sale.

Center for the Study of Electronic Voice Phenomena - Research into EVP. Offering free audio analysis of paranormal sounds, newsletter, technical pages, and editorials.

Classical Ghost Stories - An article linking the elements of modern ghost stories to those of classical times.

Dagulf's Ghost - Parapsychologist researching Paranormal events in Dallas Texas. Spirit photos are also included.

Dixie's Ghost Page - Links to live cams, photos and other ghostly places.

Emhaunts Paranormal Consulting - Answering visitor's questions about the paranormal. Ghost stories and a few links to related sites of interest included.

Face in the Mirror: Bloody Mary... - A comprehensive look at the origin and legends of Bloody Mary (aka Mary Worth, etc.), the ghost or witch who shows up in the mirror when you call her name.

Finnish Poltergeists - Brief descriptions of Finnish poltergeists.

Ghost Files - Ouija board experiences, psychic abilities, encounters with ghosts, haunted houses, and various other paranormal related stories. Spirit photography and links are also included.

The Ghost Investigators Society - An organization that provides its services free of charge. Ghosts investigations, photos, sounds and explanations.

Ghost Master - Photo gallery of orb and ghost photos. Also, information about ghosts, orbs and other anomalies. Ghost photography and ghost hunter training available.

Ghost Photos - Photos taken at a cemetery in Baltimore, MD with a 640x480 digital camera, containing ghost clouds, rings and orbs.

Ghost Research Society - An organization dedicated to the research of the paranormal, especially in the Chicago area. The society also analyzes alleged spirit photographs, video and audio tapes that they come across from ordinary people or society members.

Ghost Resources - Ghostly FAQs, links, and books.

Ghost Seek - Local Investigation for Guelph, Ontario. Tarot Readings, Spirit photography, workshops.

The Ghost Stalkers' Guide - How to on ghost hunting, advice for spirit photography, a mailing list and a recommended reading list.

Ghost Tours - Brisbane, Australia based tour company specializing in haunted places. Includes "sleep overs." Ghost stories may also be found on this site.

GhostGetters - San Francisco based paranormal investigators.

GhostLabs Ghost Research Society - Research group concentrating efforts in the Southeastern United States. Surveys, investigation reports with photos, message boards, language translations of many pages, story submissions, photo submissions, join free.

Ghostrac - Organized to establish a comprehensive worldwide directory of ghost sightings by ordinary citizens.

Ghosts and Hauntings - Information on ghosts, apparations, ghost ships and vehicles, poltergeists, and spirit communication

Ghosts I Have Known And Their Secrets - A woman's real life experiences with paranormal investigations. Photos and articles detailing each location.

Ghosts of North Portland - Outlines famous hauntings in the North Portland area.

The Ghosts of Ohio - A web site dedicated to investigating and documenting alleged hauntings in Ohio. - A portal site featuring paranormal research, stories, and evidence. Haunted locations, people, and places are researched and presented in detail.

Halloween's Unseen - A web site displaying pictures of ghostly images.

Haunted Children - An investigation into spirit sightings by young children. Visitor's submissions are welcomed.

Haunted Tours. - Based in Key West, this company operates a walking tour of haunted areas. Information is also included about a book on the highlighted haunting.

Haunted Vermont - Vermont-based paranormal research and events company with online magazine; deals with ghosts, hauntings, spiritualism, VT ghost towns, and other spooky New England history.

Haunted Websites - eZine with articles about hauntings and links to related websites.

Highlander Ghost Page - Offers information and stories regarding ghosts of Scotland and other parts of the British Isles.

The Hollow - Legends and personal encounters with the paranormal, and facts about different forms of hauntings.

Hollow Hill - Accounts of hauntings, and a list of haunted locations. Information about Faeries and magical creatures as well.

How To Create Fake Photos Of Ghosts - Instructional website outlining photographic techniques used to create authentic looking "spirit photography."

Idaho Ghosts - Information on ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and paranormal phenomena as well as stories.

Idaho Ghosts - Ghost photos taken in Idaho cemeteries as well as stories of hauntings. Contributions welcomed.

International Ghost Hunters Society - Ghost research, photos, ghost hunters organizations, haunted places, ghost stories, ghost tours, and related theme parks.

J and T's Paranormal Web World - Ghost stories from both the webmasters and outside contributors. Unusual photos can also be found on these pages as well as links to other sites of interest.

Miami Ghost Chronicles - Submit your story for inclusion in a book about south Florida hauntings. All stories welcomed for review.

The Michigan Ghost Hunters Society - The Michigan Ghost Hunters Society researches and investigates paranormal activity within the city of Flint, Michigan and surrounding subburbs. We also do private investigations.

MoonWill's Hauntings - Devoted to the manifestation of ghosts, spirits (there is a difference), poltergeist and other paranormal activity. Photos and accounts included.

Mystical Derbyshire Ghosts and Castles - Derbyshire offers castles, druid remains, ghosts and free downloads.

New York Paranormal Investigations - Non-profit organization dedicated to paranormal reasearch and documentation of such activity in the North Jersey and New York City area.

On Dealing With The Dead - An unconvential perspective on treating the dead, not with fear or with intrusive curiousity, but with polite hospitality.

Paranormal Research Society of New England - Paranormal investigators offering services to those experiencing a haunting. The site includes photos, EVPs, and reports of past investigations.

Paranormal World - Information about and investigations of hauntings. Photos, reports and videos are housed on this site.

Photos of Ghosts and Apparitions - A gallery of paranornal and ghost images with discussion.

Photos of Ghosts, Energy Anomalies and the Unexplained! - Personal experiences with ghosts and hauntings. Includes pictures, stories and general information about ghosts and unexplained phenomena.

Preter's Spirit Realm - Facts concerning the different types of Spirits and how they effect us in our daily lives. Stories and a gallery also offered.

Rent-A-Ghost - This company will "install" an apparition for your home or business.

Shadows & Coldspots - Investigators of ghostly phenomena. Site includes photo gallery, true experiences, and haunted places index.

The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings - Case files of hauntings and encounters with ghosts. Includes ghost photos, EVP sounds, videos. Also contains personal accounts with the spirit world, a haunted places index, and a chat page for related discussions.

Shadow's Ghostly Gathering - True ghost stories, evps, photographs, multimedia, and a haunted places directory. Submissions accepted

South Carolina Ghost Stories - Ghost stories from South Carolina, along with pictures.

Spirits Among Us - A page dedicated to paranormal activity in our home and lives.

Spiritsearchers Paranormal Investigators - Trained and certified ghost hunters who take a scientific approach to finding hautings. Will investigate your haunting. Site includes spirit photography and invetigation reports.

The Spirit Website - Information on ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, and paranormal phenomena as well as stories about these occurences. Includes information on how to do your own investigations.

This Spectred Isle - A Guide to the ghosts of England, Scotland and Wales, created so that the curious visitor could quickly and easily learn a little about the ghostly phenomena of the British Isles.

Transcommunication Video & Audio - Transcommunication is a recording technique used to research paranormal(spirit/ghost)images and voices which opens possibilities of communicating with the beyond.

TriPAR: Paranormal Activity Research - Research group from the Midwest finding scientific evidence of the existence of ghosts. Scientific testing, theories, investigation reports, pictures and video clips can be found on this site.

Tsalagi Spirit - Ghosts, hauntings, paranormal, shared stories, photos, assistance.

*u l t r a* ghosty stuffs - A collection of weird and scary ghost photos captured in northwest Michigan by a small group of friends and paranormal enthusiasts.

UK Ghost Hunting Society - Society dedicated to the research and documentation of paranormal phenomena such as ghosts and ESP in the UK and Europe.

Upper Midwest Ghost Seekers - Paranormal research for the upper midwest, including Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Weird Wisconsin Ghosts - Accounts of Wisconsin ghosts by paranormal investigations team. Member of the Wisconsin Ghost Society.

X-Project Open Vault - First-hand haunting stories, including a 15-part diary.

Zurich Mansion Tours - Lake Zurich's Original Haunted House - Multimedia site containing information about tours of Zurich Mansion, other haunted houses, and ghosts.

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