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International Symposium on Ball Lightning   - An excellent source for research on the subject of ball lightning. Includes information about the organization as well as links to papers and abstracts on the subject.

Scientific American: Ask the Experts: Ball Lightning  - According to a statistical investigation, approximately 5% of the world population have witnessed ball lightning. Various physical theories are presented here, but none have been proven yet.

Atmospheric Electricity - Maintained by Masashi Kamogawa, of the Department of Physics, Waseda University, Japan, this site contains information relevant to research on the subject of ball lightning and related phenomena. Although you will be prompted to download the Japanese character set, the majority of the text on this site is in English.

Atmospheric Electricity HomePage - A meta-refence general page about Atmospheric Electricity, with a bibliography and links.

Ball Lightning - A summary page about the phenomenon.

Ball Lightning - Numerous articles and links to sites relating to the phenomenon of ball lightning, including a section on "how to make your own ball lightning".

Ball Lightning and Science - A discussion of how the scientific establishment view, held until recently, that "there is no such thing as ball lightning" created a vicious circle where people were afraid to report it.

Ball Lightning bibliography - A not-commented partial bibliography about the subject.

Ball Lightning Discussion - An April 22, 1995 Usenet article discussing common characteristics of ball lightning reports and proposed theories.

Ball Lightning Discussion - Chukanov Energy, Inc. - Lots of info.

Bob's Ball Lightning Page - A divulgative site.

Mark Stenhoff's home page - Mark Stenhoff is a Ball Lightning research, author of the last scientific book about the subject.

Physics : Great Balls of What? - An article from

Theory of Ball Lightning - Storm News article: "A Theory of Ball Lightning as an Electric Discharge" by Dr. John J. Lowke.

Tornadoes and Ball Lightning - A Edward Lewis paper, with the discussion of ball lightning as plasmoids.

TORRO Ball Lightning Questionnaire - Used by the British "Tornado and Storm Research Organization" (TORRO) for Ball Lightning observers.

The Truth About Ball Lightning - Read fabulously absurd truths and untruths about ball lightning.

The Virtual Times: Unusual Experiences with Lightning - Unusual experiences with lightning and ball lightning as related by eye witnesses.

Weather - Ball Lightning - An animation of ball lightning, presented in QuickTime movie format.

New Lead for Fireball Riddle - A BBC news article on New Zealand scientists who believe that ball lightning is little more than burning soil fragments that have been kicked up into the air.

NZ Scientists Present Theory On Ball Lightning - A Reuters news article on New Zealand scientists who believe that ball lightning is little more than burning soil fragments that have been kicked up into the air.

Cracked it - New Scientist article about Ranada et al. (1998) model.


Ball Lightning and Fireball (Experiment) - Production of a plasma fireball (BL-like) by using microwave radiation and electric discharge.

I. Langmuir's Ball Lightning Tube - A old (1920s ?) experiment about a BL-like production with a vacuum tube.

Microwave induced plasma ball experiment - A page about experiment for production of BL-like with microwave.

Microwave Phenomenon Page - Artificial BL-like, obteined with microwave.

Smoke Rings and the Plasma - Beginning with an interesting comparison of the physiology of a smoke ring and ball lightning, leading to the development of a device to create ball lightning, this site continues with several well-presented accounts of the phenomenon.


Eyewitness Accounts

Accounts of Ball Lightning - Two accounts of a strange light in the sky, one in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, the other observed in Connecticut, United States.

Unusual Phenomena Reports: Ball Lightning - Amazing eyewitness reports of ball lightning, with a facility to send in your own report online.

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