AAS RA Research Association / Legendary Times Magazine - The official site of the Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association. Includes comprehensive information on the subject of astroarchaeology and extraterrestrials on earth. Very connected to Erich von Däniken and his ideas

The Amazons of Lemnos - Connections between Amazonian myth and the Greek island Lemnos.

Ancient Creatures in a Lost World - In an isolated, rugged region that divides Vietnam and Laos, scientists find a trove of new species. Time magazine article.

Archaeoastronomy Home - A source of information and products about solar alignments and ancient astronomical observatories and monuments in harmony with seasonal rhythms and terrestrial cycles.

At the Edge - Archive of articles on archaeology, folklore, mythology and earth mysteries published in "At the Edge" and its predecessor, "Mercian Mysteries," 1989-1998.

Atlantis Rising Magazine - Archives and current info on Atlantis, ancient mysteries, alternative science, UFOs, free energy, Egypt and the Pyramids. Latest issues available free and complete in PDF format

The Chinese Pyramids - Virtually unknown to the outside world until World War II, the existence of hundreds of large and small earth pyramids scattered throughout various areas of China was first revealed by American photo intelligence.

The Chinese Pyramids - An Extraterrestrial Legacy - According to ancient Chinese legend, over one hundred pyramids discovered in China are the legacy of extraterrestrial visitors

Crystal Skulls - Replicas of human skulls that have been polished out of a single crystal of quartz rock. These eerie skulls have puzzled geologists and archaeologists alike

Earthlore Explorations - An immersive educational adventure through the history of the cultureal legacies of our world. Current features include : Gothic Dreams, Earthlore Ireland, Mythic World, Mysteries of Lost and Hidden Histories, Public Performance and more.

Easter Island - Featuring the island in the South Pacific with the big weird statues. Did the inhabitants of the island do that or did space aliens leave the statues as a marker?

Edo Nyland's Linguistic Archaeology - Homer's Odysseus may ahve been Scotland/Ireland. In depth articles on this, plus the root of all languages, the Sahara.

Forbidden Archeology - Website of the book full of evidence that modern man has been around for millions of years, by Michael Cremo

The Golden Age Project - Human origins, Garden of Eden, an alternative Genesis, Atlantis - New Age/Elohim religious perspective, books available

Immanuel Velikovsky - Proposed that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events, as described in his 1950's books Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval.

The Miami Circle - Information on the Miami Circle - believed to be an ancient native American site uncovered in downtown Miami, Florida.

Mid-Atlantic Geomancy - Explores the realm where human consciousness meets and dialogues with the Spirit of the Earth. Archeaoastronomy, dowsing and sacred geometry

MOM and Atlantis, Mammoths, and Crustal Shift - From the Talk.Origins newsgroup archive, disputing the "facts" of The Mysterious Origins of Man tv series

MOM and Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1532 - Disputing the "facts" of The Mysterious Origins of Man tv series, with references

Museum of Unnatural Mystery - A slightly bizarre science museum for all ages. Are there really flying saucers? What killed the dinosaurs? Is there something ancient and alive in Loch Ness? The Museum takes a scientific look at these, and other, questions.

Mysteries of Ancient History and Archaeology - Follow the traces of the famous Amazons, the ancient history of Malta and the enigmatic culture of the Berbers

Mysteries of the Ancient High Cultures - Similarities in artifacts from ancient Old World and New World cultures.

Mysterious Places - Mali, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, and other ancient civiliations and sacred sites in a visually stunning and thought provoking site.

Mystery Planet - Misterios de este mundo: fenomeno OVNI, legados de civilizaciones antiguas, mitologia, etc.

Mystic Places - Explore three of the world's most enigmatic places...Easter Island, Nazca Lines, and Stonehenge. Lots of photos and commentary for each place.

The Noise Room - Egyptology, Alternative Egyptology, Archaeology, News, Archaeastronomy, Archaeo-astronomy, Science, New Age, Pyramids, Crop Circles, UFO's, NASA Mission Information, Face On Mars, Unexplained, Paranormal.

Northern Earth - Archived articles from an Earth Mysteries magazine, dedicated to historical landscapes, folklore and custom, the unexplained, ancient consciousness and spirituality.

Pharoah Hercules - Herodotus wrote about Hercules as being Ethiopian and Egyptian in origin. This book excerpt reveals that Hercules was actually of African descent.

Places of Peace and Power. - Photographs, writings and theories regarding sacred sites, power places, pilgrimage traditions, and ancient mysteries by anthropologist, photographer, and world traveler Martin Gray.

The Sacred Landscape - Catherine Yronwode's collection of illustrated essays on sacred sites, sacred geometry, archaeoastronomy, and vernacular sacred architecture.

The Signposts Perspectives: 700 Million BC - 50,000 BC - A timeline of facts and possibilities regarding lost civilizations and technologies, prehistoric catastrophism and evolutionary twists.

Sussex Archaeology & Folklore - Archaeology, Earth Mysteries, Ghosts and Folklore of the county of Sussex, England in great detail

The Talk.Origins Archive: Catastrophism FAQs - Arguments for and against Catastrophic theories

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Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology - While it assumed that most flying saucers are of alien, or perhaps Governmental Military origin, another possible origin of UFOs is ancient India and Atlantis.

A.R.E. Ancient Civilizations, Atlantis and Egypt - Comparisons between the civilizations of Ancient Egypt and the Lost Continent of Atlantis.

Atlanticas - A chapter from the book Atlanticas by Gábor Bihari. Plato never for a moment spoke of a continent! He always mentioned Atlantis as an island. He wrote: “ there was an island, which was bigger than Libya and Asia combined."

Atlantide Home - A strange description of Atlantis.

Atlantis - Fact, Fiction or Exaggeration? - Informational site on Atlantis and the story behind it.

Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found - Long articles by a Brazilian scientist, Prof. Arysio Santos. Various locations, science and mythology discussed. Conclusion: Atlantis was in the South China Sea

Atlantis in the Caribbean - Discussion stemming from Cayce's correct prediction of underwater cities being discovered in Bimini - from the book Atlantis: Insights From a Lost Civilization, by Shirley Andrews

Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria - Articles by channelers and others (from SpiritWeb - a large New Age site)

Atlantis or Thira - Discusses the possibility that the Minoan civilization on Thira, Crete, and those island surrounding was actually the lost civilization of Atlantis.

Atlantis Revealed - A theoretical history of Atlantis and the mysteries surrounding it.

Atlantis, The Peaceful Promise Within - By Alex Lessin, Ph.D. A brief but speculative outline of the Atlantean civilization.

Atlantis: Timaeus and Critias - One of the earliest, and most quoted, mention of the lost continent of Atlantis, came from these two dialogues of Plato.

Bermuda Triangle Stargate - A German historian/scuba diver has recorded the exact location and value of deviations in magnetic fields off the Bahamas coast. Are they connected to Atlantis? Dr. Michael Preisinger investigates.

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis - Readings by Cayce relating to the lost continent of Atlantis.

History of the Golden Ages - Instances suggesting that many proofs for the existence of Atlantis have been found.

Institute of Metahistory - Includes Viatcheslav Koudriavtsev's hypothesis (on a single lengthy page of text) on the location of Plato's Atlantis - the Celtic Shelf in the north-eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Expedition funds are being sought.

The Lost Continent of Atlantis - Discussion and speculation about Atlantis, its location and place in history.

The Sunken Kingdom: The Atlantis Mystery Solved - Written by an historian and archaeologist, this book takes an entirely new approach. It reviews previous theories, some fantastic, some more rational, and shows why they will not work; concluding with the story of Atlantis came from western Turkey, where a major Bronze Age city was devastated by an earthquake and submerged beneath a lake.

When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis - Colorful 20-page (linear) article that proposes Antarctica as the site of Atlantis, destroyed by a pole-shift. An extension of Hapgood's work.

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Central and South America

Ancient Wisdom of the Maya - Ancient Wisdom of the Maya as taught by the Ake. Temple of the Deer Wisdom School is situated in Old Chichen Itza, the Mayalands Mexico.

Inca Architecture - Descriptions of Inca architectural elements and stonecutting methods, with photos from the Cusco/Machu Picchu area. Orthodox viewpoint, but still mysterious

Sacsayhuaman - In Peru, this ancient Inca fortress is constructed from gigantic stones weighing up to 300 tons.

Subterranean Tunnels & the Hollow Earth - Article by David Hatcher Childress - an investigation of the fantastic Inca tunnel system made famous by Erich von Daniken

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Ancient Egyptian Flying Vehicles - Images found on the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple, Abydos, are purportedly of ancient aircraft.

Are Pyramids made out of Concrete? - Agglomerated limestone mud was maybe carried in buckets, then molded into pyramid blocks on-site.

Back to Light - The Bay of Aboukir is proving to be a treasure trove of ancient sunken relics for Franck Goddio, French archaeologist. Lost cities such as Canopus, Herakleion and Menouthis may have been re-discovered. Articles, photos, map and video

Bakeman's Egyptology - An exploration of ancient Egyptian arcana including breakthrough revelations about the Great Pyramid, the Giza Plateau Master Plan and the occult architectural planning of Pharaonic civilization.

4-D : : Club Egyptology - These pages are presented in an effort to re-examine the currently held view of Egyptology about a predecessor culture in the Nile Valley, one from which the ancient Egyptians considered themselves descended.

The Daily Grail - Descriptive links to news items concerning ancient mysteries. Updated daily

David Rohl: New Chronology - At the heart of David Rohl's work is his radical reassessment of Old World chronology which has become known as the 'New Chronology'.

Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt - Table of Contents, Preface, and Chapter 1 of "The Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt" by Jane B. Sellers (the entire text can be ordered). Investigation of art, texts, precessional changes affecting star risings, and an 80 year sequence of eclipses to explain key Egyptian beliefs.

Deep Secrets - A new theory that uses diagrammatic geometry to reveal a possible connection between the Great Pyramid, the golden ratio and the ancient Egyptian Royal Cubit.

Eden - The Andrew Collins Web Site - Articles and more from the author of Gateway to Atlantis, Gods of Eden & From Ashes to Angels

Egypt News - (related to various non-traditional interpretations of Giza, and their proponents.)

The EgyptNews Archive - Articles and statements from leading researchers - Hancock, Bauval, Gantenbrink etc.

Egyptology page at the Noise Room - Affiliate sales: books about Archeo-astronomy & Egypt.

The Enterprise Mission - Great Pyramid Tunneling - Is a secret tunnel being excavated in the Great Pyramid? . Part of Richard Hoagland's large site that also investigates Cydonia and the Miami Circle

Flying in Ancient Egypt - A bird statuette found in a pyramid has the qualities of an aeroplane. It was re-discovered by Dr.Khalil Messiha, who also found hidden Sphinx rooms and relics through his use of Radiesthesia (dowsing).

Geometric site plan of Giza - Suggests that the main Pyramids of Giza, their associated temples and causeways, together with the Sphinx, were all laid out according to a plan based upon Phi.

Giza: The (Half) Truth - Debates between authors John Anthony West, Robert Schoch and Robert Bauval (for the "Lost Civilisation" theory), and the authors of "Giza: The Truth", Chris Ogilvie-Herald and Ian Lawton (against)

The Great Pyramid - Site tries to explain the scientific, philosophical, and divine revelations of the Great Pyramid, as a biblical, chronological device.

highrender - Kemet, Egyptian 3D reconstruction, and other 3d arts.

The Labyrinth: Egyptian superbuilding - According to old manuscripts this legendary, gigantic construction was the largest building in ancient Egypt. Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx believe they have found where it lies buried. And maybe in contains the fabled "Hall of Records"

Morgana's Observatory: Prophecies of Edgar Cayce - Read Cayce's predictions concerning a Hall of Records and the Sphinx. Includes a bio.

Morgana's Observatory: Pyramid Doors & Sphinx Tunnels - Written by Graham Hancock, best-selling author of "Fingerprints of the Gods".

The Noiseroom: Archeo-astronomy & Egyptology - The latest news from Giza. Articles by Bauval and Hancock. Info about Operation Hermes - Quest for the Hall of Records

The Orion Mystery, by Robert Bauval - Provides insights into when, why and how the Giza Pyramids were built, based on their relationship with Orion's belt.

Pharaoh's Pump Foundation - Suggests that the Great Pyramid at Giza was built around a colossal water pump.

The Pyramid Matrix and Archaeocryptography - An Introduction - Suggests that there is a global Pyramid Matrix centered in Giza, Egypt. Latitude and longitudinal locations of monuments are part of a code. Proven by using fantastically accurate GPS readings.

René Schwaller de Lubicz - Schwaller de Lubicz's books argued that everything about Egyptian civilization, from the construction of the pyramids to the shape of a beer mug were motivated by a central metaphysical vision about the nature of cosmic harmony and an awareness of humanity's place in the evolution of consciousness. Article on the man and his work by Gary Lachman

The South Saqqara Mound Mystery - A unique carving that might be connected to the henges of England.

Sphinx Stargate - Using the Sphinx as one of the keys, Paul LaViolette has discovered a message hidden in the zodiac constellations, that warns us of a possible future cataclysm.

Survive 2012: Maya Doomsday - Doomsday in 2012 said the ancient Mayan people. This site finds links between the pyramids of different lands, and suggests they are warning us of a future cataclysm

Temple Geometry in the Ancient World - Keith Squires investigates the underlying geometry of the temples of Egypt and other ancient lands, including Amarna, Horus.

The Upuaut Project - Complete scientific report on the air shafts inside the Great Pyramid. Official site of robotmeister Rudolf Gantenbrink.

The Wall of Crows - The so-called Wall of Crows stands at the Southeast corner of the Giza plateau beyond the Sphinx and her Temples. It could be a causeway, which to the casual observer links nothing with nothing. Mark James Foster suggests that the opposite is true.

Was the Great Pyramid built in the center of all land-areas? - In the 19th century some archeologists created the thesis that the Great Pyramid was built in the center of all land areas on Earth. This article presents a simple trigonometric algorithm about the topic.

Stars Reveal Age of the Pyramids - ABC News article reports how Cambridge University Egyptologist Kate Spence discovered how the pyramids were aligned and when they were built

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The Sphinx

The Age of the Sphinx, by Robert Bauval - Startling news about the age of the Sphinx that could rewrite history

The Celestial Sphinx - The recently rediscovered Constellation of The Celestial Sphinx, which dominated the skies in 14,000BC, is the blueprint for the Sphinx at Giza.

Remnants of a Lost Civilization? - Zahi Hawass and Mark Lehner explain why they believe the Sphinx wasn't built between 5000 and 7000 BC, but much earlier, by a "mystery" civilization.

Response to Giza: The Truth - Argues against the authors of the controversial "Giza: The Truth", by showing how the Sphinx could be extremely ancient

Robert Schoch homepage - Robert M. Schoch is well-known for his research on the Great Sphinx, determining that its origins go back to pre-dynastic times. Articles, photos, book and tour details.


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Lost Worlds

Ancient Civilization Conspiracies - Links to discussions and link to sites relating to lost civilizations.

Ancient Civilizations & Lost Cities - Illustrated content and articles on The Sumerians of Mesopotamia, The Historical Eliki, The Coliseum of Ancient Rome, and Ancient Pompeii.

Coso Geode - A 500,000 year-old spark plug? What appeared to be a typical geode, covered by fossils that dated it to a half million years ago, when cut in half was revealed to have a ceramic insulator surrounding a titanium electrode.

Crystalinks: Ancient and Lost Civilizations - Provides information on and discussion of dozens of ancient civilizations from throughout the world.

Edwque's Stone Spheres of Costa Rica - A good case is given for the symbols on these mysterious stone balls representing Pegasus.

Evidences of Technologically Advanced Ancient Civilizations - Suggests that ancient civilizations measured most aspects of the solar system.

Harappa - New Interpretations about a Lost Civilisation - The Harappans were one of the most sophisticated people of ancient India and they had built some of the most well-planned cities of the old world. But today Harappa is cloaked in mystery. There are numerous theories about the birth and decline of the Harappans.

Hollow Planets - Various theories of a hollow earth, containing civilizations beneath the surface.

In Plain Sight - American epigraphy proves many arrived from the old world before Columbus.

NOVA Online - Search for the Lost Cave People - In 1997, an international group of archaeologists ventured into the Chiapas region of Mexico to search for the remains of a little-known civilization that preceded the Maya. In caves hundreds of feet above the Rio la Venta, and in an ancient complex swallowed by the jungle, the team found astonishing archaeological treasures.

The Official Graham Hancock Website - The Official Graham Hancock site; in which the author documents evidences for lost civilizations.

A Possible Pre-Columbian Constellation - Speculation concerning a connection of Costa Rica's large stone spheres with the constellation Pegasus.

Quest for the Lost Civilization - Resources and links for the investigation of the lost, antediluvian civilization whose heirs we all are. Bibliographies, web links, and contact information provided.

Secrets of Easter Island - Lost Civilization - Nova Online: Ever since 1722, when Captain Jacob Roggeveen, a Dutchman and the first European known to have reached Easter Island arrived, scholars have debated the origins of the isolated population he found there. Discusses theories of their origins.

Team Atlantis - An Underwater Archaeological Research Team - traveling the world and filming a series of virtual expeditions featured live on the Internet!

UFO's and the Occult Reich - Discussion of civilizations hidden beneath the surface of the earth.

The Wild Side of Geoarchaeology Page - A collection of articles on the geoarchaeological aspects of Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Precambrian stone spheres, and the Fingerprints of the Gods.

Sci-Tech: Dinosaur Lost World Discovered - A team of researchers has found a vast dinosaur nesting ground strewn with thousands of fossilised eggs in the Patagonia desert (BBC News)


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United Kingdom

Britannia: Earth Mysteries - Stonehenge, Standing Stones, Dolmens, Barrows and many other British enigmas

The Friends of the Rollright Stones - Facts, fables and fantasy; Kings, witches and faeries; Aliens, anomalies and alignments

Isle of Avalon: Glastonbury Tor - Facts and legends concerning this enigmatic hill. Photos, maps, stories, leylines.

Mystical-WWW : Stone Circles - Difficult to navigate, but lots of text-only info can be found here.

Prehistoric circles and rows - Photographs of prehistoric stones, and ancient sites together with diagrams and descriptions from a dowsers perspective. Covers Datmoor, Bodmin, Cornwall etc

Save Stonehenge! - A campaign against upgrading the A303 road through the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, Wiltshire, England.

Secrets of Stonehenge - Bart Jordan explains connections between the 28 night lunar/menstrual cycles and 56 holes at Stonehenge.

Steve & Co's Ancient Sites - British sites - commentary, extensive number of photos, Ordnance Survey references.

Stone Circles and other antiquities of Britain - Observations on sites of this sort the author has visitited, with photographs. He suggests that Stone Circles were community centers, for seasonal fairs, etc.

The Stonehenge Campaign - A campaign to re-establish the Stonehenge Free Festival, and for free access to the Stones for all who come in peace, especially at solstices and equinoxes.

Stones of Stenness - From a circle of twelve only four remain. Great pic and info on this Orkney Islands (Scotland) site.

Found: temple sacred for 3,000 years - Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious 4,700-year-old temple that is the largest Stone Age structure ever found in Western Europe. More than a half a mile across and covering 85 acres, the site in mid-Wales is 30 times the size of Stonehenge.

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Planetary Grids and Ley Lines

Archaeogeodesy - A Key to Prehistory - Archaeogeodesy encompasses prehistoric and ancient place determination, point positioning, navigation, astronomy, and measure and representation of the earth and geodynamic phenomena.

The Chaco Meridian - Big Horn Medicine Wheel, Mount Wilson, Aztec Ruin, Chaco Canyon and the Mimbres Vally are all situated very near the 108th meridian.

Earth/matriX:The Geometry of Ancient Sites - Some kind of geodesic or matrix design exists within the placement of the different archaeological sites around the world.

EarthStar Geometric Maps - The EarthStar Globe shows the geometric relationship of sacred places and megaliths all over the world, including Easter Island, Great Pyramid, Bermuda Triangle, etc.

The Ley Hunter Journal - The longest running journal of geomancy and earth mysteries, ancient wisdom, landscapes and sacred sites. Now ceased publication, however their web site is still a comprehensive look at the subject

Megaliths world-wide built to the same geometric plan? - Maps of places of pilgrimage, alignment of sacred sites, geometric and visionary maps.

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