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Crop Circle Connector   - This web site is literally the largest crop circle site on the internet. On this site you will find information to cater for all your needs including an International crop circle database. The crop circles you will see as part of this web site are actual events that have taken place in cereal crop fields from all over the world and their origin is unknown.

I.R.C.U.P. Crop Circle Resources   - Probably the leading site on Crop Circle research with a frequently updated international database of sightings and designs.

AJ's Wiltshire Weirdness Gallery - A collection of unusual, bizarre and occasionally silly photographs from the last few years of crop circle hunting.

Art Bell -- Crop Circles - Good selection of designs which are easy to overview, print and speculate on

Art of Crop Circles - by Tim Herby. Because of its virgin beauty, and inherent life, the natural setting of crop circles provides an ideal canvas for crop circle artists to work on. Illustrated article.

Bert & Janet HOMEPAGE - Very good articles on crop circle geometry. They are the authors of several crop circle videos as well.

Bert Janssen and Crop Circles - Good articles about crop circle geometry and reconstruction.

Breakfast Cereology - crop circles, breakfast, cereology, formations, unexplained, photographs, white horse, chalk figures...

Busty Taylor Crop Circles - Crop Circle and UFO Researcher, and photographer - includes 1999 formations

Circlemakers - A site for England's crop circle makers. Provides photographs, witnesses, case histories, and perpetrator profiles.

Circles Phenomenon Research International - An international crop circle research organization with offices in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. Quite a few articles by Colin Andrews and related merchandise. No pictures.

Cosmic Horizons - UFOs, crop circles and the paranormal - Internet portal to crop circles, UFOs and the paranormal. Featuring crop circles from 1989 to present day. UFO reports and articles. Crop circle articles. Paranormal, ghosts, hauntings and ancient sites are also researched.

Cosmic Reflections - An art exhibition of deep space and crop circles.

Crop Circle Central - Comprehensive and up to date site with crop circles and theories and much more ...

Crop Circle Link Database - The result of an extensive search over the Internet for the words "Crop Circles". The result set was edited and cleaned.

Crop Circle Quest - Crop formations in Western Canada reported by Judy Arndt. Just a few circles but the reports are excellent with lots of pictures and diagrams.

Crop Circle Radius - The form and function of the crop circles are examined through field surveys, geometrical analysis, aerial photography, books and videos by a varied group of researchers which include a professor of architecture, scientists, photographers, designers, artists and writers.

Crop Circle Reports - Crop Circle reports and investigations. The latest seem to be in 1998.

crop circles & korncirkler - A collection of crop circle related articles by Jonah Ohayv. Also a good collection of related links.

Crop Circles - Their Meaning and Connections to Dreams - Articles by Joseph E. Mason and Dee Finney. They belive that the crop circle formations are related to dreams and human consciousness.

Crop Circles - Provides updates on formations, news, events, shopping, and photos.

Crop Circles Intelligence Mighty Companions Suzanne Taylor - Suzanne Taylor's page on the subject, articles, reconstructions, reports and interviews with researchers.

Crop Circles Introduction - Everything you want to know about crop circles including loads of pictures, video stills of the creation of a circle, a chronology of crop circles, theories on what creates them.

The Crop Circular - The regularly updated crop circles site of researcher/lecturer Freddy Silva, offering factual research dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of crop circles, the most dynamic form of multi-dimensional communication to appear in our history.

Crop Song...The Music of Crop Circles - The music here has been created by using scales derived from the diatonic ratios inherent in some Crop Circle formations.

Cropcircle Anomality Website - Edited and designed by Dirk Wessels: scientific articles, anomality specifics and crop circles and etheric energies.

CropCirkels, Gods and Secrets - Robert Boerman's crop circle theories, geometries and calculations.

Crystalinks Crop Circles - As usual on Ellie Crystals site - good introduction to the subject with images and links to latest developments.

Czech Crop Circle Web Site - Czech Crop Circles.

Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies - Scientific and metaphysical research to the crop circle phenomenon.

EARTHFILES - Real X-Files - Linda Moulton Howe's site has many excellent articles on crop circles.

eGroups Crop Circle Mailing Lists - Crop Circle related mailing list hosted be eGroups.

exoScience UFO - Crop Circles - Good introduction to Crop Circles with pictures - from a slightly UFO point of view

FGK - Forschungsgesellschaft Kornkreise e.V. - The site of the German Association for Crop Circle Research. Most articles have an English translation.

Findon Village Antiquities - Crop Circles - Information about the crop circles that occurred close to the village of Findon, West Sussex, England.

Finland's Center of Crop Circle Information - A beautiful Crop Circle site with articles, geometry research, artwork and animations. Run by Martin Keitel.

Global Circles - Publisher of "The Cereologist", a journal for crop circle studies published three times a year. You can find articles and a few circle analysis.

i n v i s i b l e ( c i r c l e - An independent community for the exploration of the crop circle phenomenon. A German site founded in November 1999 with English text as well.

Insight Essences - Unique essences made from the grains of carefully selected crop circles and formulated using homeopathic and alchemical procedures. Insight Essences have been used and tested since 1995.

Kent in Kaos - crop circles in Kent - Crop formations in Kent and their possible links to sacred sites and recent major disfigurement of the countryside.

Lucy Pringle - Excellent pictures taken since 1996 by Lucy Pringle, articles, you can order cards, prints, books, calendars and other related merchandises.

Martian Arts - How do crop circles appear in fields? Are they the landing sites of flying saucers from Mars? Are there any aliens involved? Well, this video gives the ultimate (not so serious) answer!

Midwest Research - Midwest Research develops and performs special projects in the realm of New Sciences. Using accepted scientific protocol and intuitive talents we make discerning discoveries and harvest facts from the mysteries confronting our world.

Oxfordshire Crop Circle Group Homepages - The first place to look for all the information on Oxfordshire crop formations. Run in conjunction with the Oxfordshire Centre for Crop circle studies 2000.

Peter Sorensen - Peter R. Sorensen is a researcher who has videotaped more crop circles than anyone else in the last eight years; pages also include portraits of many crop circle researchers, centuries-old Circle Graffiti in Winchester Cathedral, articles.

The Phenomenon Crop Circle Pages - Information about crop formations and images.

Stephen J Smith - MP3 music from Stephen J Smith, similar to Ray Lynch, early Pink Floyd, Steve Roach. Ambient space music created from crop circle geometry.

WebRing: Crop Circle

WebRing: Crop Circle Update

X-stream - A couple of articles dealing with the analysis of samples taken from crop circles.

This Is London | UK | Cracking the crop circle mystery (May 20, 1999)

BBC News | UK | Mysterious circles keep cropping up - Three mysteries of the 80s remain: Eddie the Eagle, Limahl's haircut, and crop circles. But the greatest of the three is crop circles. (May 19, 1999)

BBC News | UK | US billionaire funds crop circle research - Former US Congressman Laurance Rockefeller is to finance the largest survey of crop circles in the UK. (May 19, 1999)

Anatomical Anomalies In Crop Formation Plants - by Talbott, Nancy (August 11, 1997)

Reply to the Aliens - Rick Joi is sending a message to the airborne. Particularly extraterrestrials. He's greeting aliens via his school art project -- an enormous smiling "alien-head" design he plowed into a soybean field.

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