The Age of Curiosity - Essay subtitled "Why the Sky Isn't Saturated with Radio Signals: A Proposed Update to the Drake Equation." Suggests alien civilizations may not be curious enough to contact others.

The Drake Equation - Describes the famous formula for estimating the number and character of alien civilizations within the galaxy. Includes an online form that calculates your numbers.

EXO - Discussion list focusing on exoplanets and exobiological entities.

Extraterrestrial Life - Essay on scientific principles and speculation regarding the presence of extraterrestrial life in our solar system and beyond.

Life Extraterrestrial: Life on Other Planets in the Solar System - Curriculum framework for comparing Earth to other planets with regard to life.

Panspermia Revisited - Short scientific article by John R. Gribbin. "Spreading of life-bearing spores across the Galaxy (panspermia) may be easier than is usually acknowledged."

The Planetary Society - A nonprofit organization devoted to the exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life.

The Rise and Fall of Star Faring Civilizations in Our Own Galaxy - Speculation, based on the Drake Equation, regarding the existence and composition of alien civilizations.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life - Scientific American article by Carl Sagan. Provides a layman's overview to the building blocks of life and current efforts in the search for extraterrestrial life.

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Astrobiology at NASA - Astrobiology is the study of the origin, distribution, and destiny of life in the universe. It uses multiple scientific disciplines and space technologies to address fundamental questions of the origins of life.

Astrobiology Central - Astrobiology discussions, links, and books. Astrobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life and intelligence, reflecting author David Darling's current areas of interest. Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia, links to astrobiology, extrasolar planets, SETI, and other topics. FAQ and discussion forum.

The Astrobiology Web - An online guide to the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the Universe as well as all other aspects of space exploration.

Biochemistry, Exobiology, and Fine Art - A site that gives a brief overview of exobiology, with some informative links. Also contains my visual work, which integrates figurative art and biochemical themes.

An Examination of the Forms Alien Life Might Take - Argues that many forms and behaviors are inevitable, and that we can therefore make predictions about life on other planets.

Exobiology: Life through Space and Time - The Exobiology Branch of NASA at Ames Research Center conducts research seeking to increase knowledge of the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe.

Exobiology Program at NASA - Approaches to exobiology, definitions, and selected research articles.

Marsbugs: The Electronic Astrobiology Newsletter - Online newsletter for people interested in life sciences, planetary science, and space exploration.

NASA's Origins Program - This program seeks to answer the fundamental questions about the Universe: Are we alone in the Universe? How did we get here? What is the origin of the Universe? Is there another Earth-like planet in our celestial neighborhood?

Net Advance of Physics: Bioastronomy - This is an experimental page, somewhat different from the rest of Net Advance, in that it includes research articles as well as review articles, and offline as well as online materials.

Origins of Life in our Solar System - Overview of creation of the universe and origins of life in our solar system.

Panspermia by Karl Sims - "Panspermia is the name for the theory that life exists and is distributed throughout the universe in the form of germs or spores." Depicts a single life cycle of an inter-galactic life form, as an unusual example of a self-propagating system.

The Thermosynthesis Home Page - The thermosynthesis theory shows how organisms can use or may have used thermal cycling as an energy source-thermal cycling occurring especially in volcanic hot springs. Thermosynthesis could stepwise evolve towards photosynthesis. It may still occur in convecting aquifers on Earth, but also on the many other bodies in the Solar System where water has been found.

Thinker's Domain - Stanley Miller - Interview with one of the founders of exobiology, Stanley Miller, about his early experiments with simulating conditions of a prebiotic Earth.

Life on the Edge - NASA Science News: Science@NASA launches 'Life on the Edge', an initiative in astrobiology education. It's a hands-on experiment designed for students of all ages to investigate life in extreme environments and to learn about the possibilities for life elsewhere in the Solar System.

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Life on Mars

Blue Sky on Mars Pathfinder and Viking Pictures [mars-news.de] - The original raw image data from Viking and Pathfinder show blue sky.

The Cydonian Imperative - Interpretation of Mars images which appear to show artificial structures, including the face.

Life on Mars! The Viking Labeled Release Experiment - The original published papers from the Viking Labeled Release Life Detection Experiment conducted in 1976 on the surface of Mars. By Principal Investigator Dr. Gilbert Levin

Life on Mars? [MarsNews.com] - The discovery of Mars meteorite ALH84001 and debate about the findings of ancient Martian life contained within. The Viking experiments and the debate about the results of the Labeled Release experiment. The implications if Mars life is found.

Life on Mars? [NASA/JPL] - Evidence of Primitive Life on Mars

Mars Meteorite Home Page (JPL)

The Martian Fossils - The evidence for "Martian fossils" is a story of chemistry and chemical analysis. Here's the evidence explained for you to understand and evaluate.

Meteorites from Mars!

Old data holds new hope for Life on Mars - There's a rhythm in the release of radioactive-labeled gas in the experiments done by the Viking-Landers in 1976. This cycle could be the circadian rhythm of bacteria.

The Peculiar Rocks of Mars - Besides other interesting pictures you can see a fluid leaking rock and animals on Pathfinder and Viking pictures!

Search for life on Mars will start in Siberia - NASA funds permafrost study to support astrobiology research.

Search for Past Life on Mars - Possible Relic Biogenic Activity in Martian Meteorite ALH84001

Vincent DiPietro comments on "Blue or Red Sky ?" - The "Paint your wagon red" story.

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Extraterrestrial Life Search

SETI Institute   - Conducts scientific research on life in the universe. Here you can review current SETI results.

The Cosmos: a Search for Life - Join us on a journey through the visible Universe or use our Galactapedium to learn all about the cosmos.

The Extraterrestrial Sermons - Masters thesis on how the reception of extraterrestrial transmissions might affect world religions.

Invitation to ETI - Forty scientists issue an invitation to extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) to make contact with humankind.

Keeney AstroResearch - Microwave and optical SETI located in the Greater Fort Wayne Area, Canada.

Neyath - Space exploration and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - General article about SETI.

SETI: What is a valid signal? - What sort of signal is a SETI hit?

SETI at the University of California - UC Berkley: a good place to start. Includes information on the SERENDIP Seti program (a search for radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations; currently conducting a sky survey at the world's largest radio telescope), SETI@Home, Optical SETI (searching for pulses of light from thousands of nearby stars), and Southern SERENDIP (a sky survey conducted at the Parkes radio telescope in Australia).

SETI Club at Yahoo - An online club for people involved in or interested in SETI.

SETI Institute - Conducts scientific research on life in the universe.

SETI League - An international grass-roots organization dedicated to privatizing the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

SETI: The Drake Equation - The Drake Equation was developed by Frank Drake in 1961 as a way to focus on the factors which determine how many intelligent, communicating civilizations there are in our galaxy. The Drake Equation is: N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL

SetiQuest - The magazine of SETI and Bioastronomy. Provides both professional and amateur astronomers with information concerning SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and bioastronomy.

SETIWEB.ORG - Resources for SETI enthusiasts - Articles, news, resources, links, discussions, art, forums and more - all dedicated to serving the needs of SETI enthusiasts. Special attention is given to the SETI@home project and assisting the users involved. [Ed: when visiting this site you need to have Java activated on your browser or else the links might not work!]

Weak Interstellar Messages Pass Us By - Amateur radio project to detect signals from extraterrestrial intelligences.

Where Are They? - Scientific American article that gives an overview of results of the SETI programs.

The Columbus Optical SETI Observatory   - Site dedicated to promoting the Optical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Here you will find a different approach to The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The Optical Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, otherwise known as Optical SETI (OSETI), seeks to detect pulsed and continuous wave laser beacons signals in the visible and infrared spectrums.

Amy Reines: Optical SETI Research - Amy Reines' page about the Optical SETI project at Berkeley.

Comparing Optical SETI Observing Projects - Comparison of various Optical SETI projects since 1973.

Optical SETI and the Arecibo Myth - This paper justifies the logic of searching for ETI in the visible spectrum as oposed to radio.

Optical SETI at Berkeley - Two optical SETI programs at UC Berkeley are described: One for continual signals and one for pulsed signals.

Optical SETI at Harvard - Optical SETI project at Harvard/Smithsonian. Beginning a search for intense laser pulses, transmitted deliberately in our direction by another civilization in order to initiate communication across interstellar distances.

Princeton Optical SETI Home Page - Optical SETI project in cooperation with Harvard.

Radio Waves are Useless for Interstellar Communications - Calculations which show electromagnetic waves spread too fast to be used over many light years with possible exception of gamma rays.

Schaller Observatory - Schaller Observatory (84 W, 42 N) is dedicated to high speed stellar photometry of variable stars and Optical SETI.

Second International Optical SETI Conference - Photos from the Second International Optical SETI Conference in San Jose, 1996

SpaceViews Article: Planetary Society Announces Support for Optical SETI - Article in SpaceViews: Planetary Society Announces Support for Optical SETI

Technical Data - Technical info about SETI observatory in Australia.

SETI@home: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home   - A distributed computing project sorting through radio signals to search for extra-terrestrial intelligence. Currently the largest distributed effort with over 2 million users. You can participate by running a screensaver program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

Carolyn's Clinic - A tongue in cheek look at "One of the world's leading internet treatment facilities for diseases and psychosis that afflict people who run the Seti at Home program for extended periods of time."

CiSE: SETI@home - Brief technical overview of the project.

Derived statistics for SETI@home - shows trends in SETI@home participation. Also indicates how recently their pages have been updated.

Global Computer Usage - An extrapolation based on Seti@home statistics on August 5, 1999 by Douglas Huang.

Hey Is There Any Being Out There? - Essay about SETI as a whole and the "SETI At Home" project in particular.

SETI CPU Stats - CPU & OS Comparisons.

SETI Forum - Web boards for discussing SETI.

SETI Monitor - A free program for Windows that monitors the activity of your SETI@home client. It shows the found signals and saves the results from processed work units.

SETI spy - SETI Spy is a freeware program to "spy" on the progress and performance of the SETI@home client. Site also has useful SETI@home tips and links.

SETI Team Art Bell: The Star Maps - Use these 68 full-scale star maps to find the visual location of the data being processed by the SETI@home screen saver.

SETI@home screensaver speed, downloads and benchmarks. - Tips, tweaks and downloads to optimise PC performance & SETI@home screensaver speed. Also SETI@home downloads & benchmarks, OpenGL and internet freeware.

SETI@Home Speedup tips - Tips to increase the performance of the SETI@Home client under different operating systems. Also links and a cool photo of the Arecibo Radio Observatory.

Speed up SETI@home - A guide to optimising the performance of a PC with the aim to increase the processing speed of SETI@home. Also SETI@home benchmarks.

Seti: Is Anybody Out There? - Overview of the Seti@home project's accomplishments and future plans. [Wired News] (December 22, 2000)

Is there anybody out there? - Explanation of how the free Seti@home screensaver works, enabling you to help in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and aliens. A very nice background piece. (August 14, 1999)

Searching for extraterrestrials on your own PC - To boldly go, on screen: The search for extraterrestrial life is reaching homes via software for personal computers [U.S.News & World Report] (December 7, 1998)

Getting Some Alien Experience - by Jennifer Sullivan [Wired News] (August 3, 1998)

The Geeks and the Aliens - Why are the tech industry's best and brightest so determined to spearhead the hunt for extraterrestrials? [Salon]

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