Alternative Geology

Central Expanding Earth Exchange - Offers proof the Earth is expanding rapidly by external accretion of cosmic dust/meteorites and internal expansion of the core. Subduction is false.

Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth - Book which provides an explanation for the gigantic sizes of dinosaurs: the theory of an Expanding Earth which began smaller and thus had less gravity.

Earth Changes Its Rotational Axis - Earth's axis shifts 120 degrees. News of the inevitable coming shift in 2012 possible.

Earthfiles - Environmental anomalies.

Earth's Magnetic Field - A theory on how Earth's magnetic field reverses its magnetic polarity.

Evidence of Fast Stalagmite Formation in Colorado's Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine - This evidence apparently shows that stalagmites in this gold mine took at most thirty years to form, in stark contrast to the thousands of years claimed to be required by uniformitarian geologists.

Geodetic Measurement - Relations between the cubit, the remen, and geodetic measurement of the earth, also the relation between the stadium and the length of a degree of Latt.

Geological Anomalies - Fossils, formation of coal, Aeolian deposits in Alaska, extinction of the mammoth, nitrate deposits in Chile. - Investigation of the ever changing world around us.

The Need for a New Model of the Earth - The evidence indicates that the present model of the Earth is seriously flawed, and that a new model of the Earth resolves present anomalies and mysteries.

Palatian Enterprises - Investigation of causes of cataclysmic events, earthquakes, floods, etc. Discover how technological advances to date can help determine the exact nature of Environmental Disasters and Cataclysmic Events. Developing film about Atlantis.

Sedimentary Evidence Favouring the Formation of Rogen Landscapes by Outburst Floods - Geologic evidence for the sedimentary formation of Rogen landscapes during large-scale catastrophic flooding associated with the melting of former ice-sheets. By John Shaw, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta.

The Sirius Research Group - Scientific analysis of the mathematical relationship between Earth's complete period of revolution, the tropical-sidereal year and our civil calendar indicates that earth's precession is not a scientific fact.

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Answers in Genesis - Presents evidence found in science to support the authority and accuracy of the Genesis creation account. Includes archived articles from Creation Magazine.

Catastrophic Flood Dynamic Database - Douglas E. Cox provides an overview of evidence for a catastrophic flood. Includes discussion of the nature of the flood, with a list of some proposed flood models. Correlates world-wide legends of the deluge with the biblical account.

Center for Scientific Creation - Dr. Walt Brown presents evidence for creation from published statements by scientists in the life sciences, astronomical and physical sciences and earth sciences. The online version of Brown's thoroughly documented book begins with the "Contents" link about halfway down the navigation bar.

Drumlins and Diluvial Currents - Douglas E. Cox explains as the effects of currents of the deluge, rather than the results of glaciation, postulating that their distribution patterns provide information about the way in which the flood waters retreated from the land.[Creation Research Society Quarterly, Volume 16(3):154-162.]

Genesis Park - Uses a graphical format to present evidence that dinosaurs and man were created together and have co-existed throughout history and approaches the subject of origins with a literal adherence to the scriptures and an emphasis on creation demonstrating God's power.

His Creation - Pages of Creator newsletter, aimed at grade-school level students, in graphic format.

Problems in the Glacial Theory - Problems in the conventional glacial interpretation of the drift, and drift landforms. A revision of an article originally published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly, 13(1):25-34, June 1976, and reprinted in Corliss, William R. 1980. *Unknown Earth: A Handbook of Geological Enigmas.* The Sourcebook Project, Glen Arm, MD. p. 33-50]

Waters of Noah - An index directs you to information on plate tectonics the global flood, with pro and con discussion spanning several years.

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Awakening Visions Divination - Offers seminars, lectures, and information on dowsing and other forms of divination with Rev. Iris K. Barratt, Investigative Consulting, Divination Expertise and Training.
Canadian Dowsing Organizations - Entry point to organizations and local meetings - learn how to Dowse, and its many uses !
CSICOP - Information on German physicists' water dowsing experiments.
Digital Dowsers (eGroups) - The International Society of Dowsers and Research Association. All dowsing discussion and research welcome.

Digital Dowsing - Methods and tips on different tools and ways of dowsing and other links.

Divination: Pendulum Dowsing Charts - Divining Pendulum dowsing charts, divination books and dowsing tools.

Divining Mind - Offers pendulums made in a variety of materials for sale as well as links to related resources.

The Divining Mind - A guide to dowsing and self-awareness by T. E. Ross and Richard D. Wright.

Dowsers (eGroups) - For discussion of dowsing and related topics. - Joey Korn's site is dedicated to helping you to grow in your spirituality through deep relaxation, meditation. Dowsing combined with prayer, and the teachings of Walter Russell.

Dowsing - Eric Krieg's dowsing page.

Dowsing - Information about dowsing from mystical world wide web.

Dowsing And Divining - Dowsing and divining links and webrings. Also several dowsing books.

Dowsing Cam - Site that allows you to watch me and chat whilst I dowse for lost objects or missing people on your behalf. Completely free.

Dowsing Links - Directory of dowsing and related links.

Dowsing Q and A - Dowsing site from California, USA.

Dowsing Tools - Offers dowsing devices like pendulums and dowsing rods.

Fern Dowsing Site - The British Society of Dowsers official web site.

The Geo Group - Finding places of power: dowsing earth energies. Dowsing is the intuitional practice or technique for locating these earth energies.

Geomancy - Fortuneteller earthy based reading in order to learn what your future holds.

The Good Earth Organization - Email lists for dowsing.

The Holistic Intuition Society - Dowsing is 'IT' - 'Intuition Technology' Learn how to access your Intuition 'On Demand' to get help from the "Force for Good" to improve health, give guidance in your life, and help others.

How Does Dowsing Work? - A discussion of theories on how dowsing works, excerpted from Walter Woods' book "Powers That Be".

Introduction To Dowsing - Summary and short tutorial on dowsing methods.

Moon Spirits Pendulum and Pendulum Board - A hand crafted pendulum and pendulum board.

Nature's Intuition - We specialize in pendulum dowsing kits for novices to experts. Each kit comes with everything you need to start dowsing now!

Neil F. Anderson - Dowsing and Labyrinths - Professional dowser and labyrinth constructor who offers individual consultations and group workshops to aid in the clearing of energies.

Pendulum dowsing - A beginners guide to learn dowsing. Dowsing may be accomplished by rod or pendulum.

Pendulum dowsing books: instruction and techniques for success - Pendulum dowsing books and divining tools. Free pendulum dowsing book chapters. E-books, pendulums, aurameters and dowsing rods.

Radiesthesia - Rodzinna Firma Handlowa "BJM" s.c. offer: pendulums and divining rods for sale.

Radiesthesia, Psionic Medicine - Numerous links relevant sites pertaining to Radiesthesia practices.

Treasure Maps to the World - Using dowsing techniques to mark maps showing locations of treasures, currency, missing persons, and human remains.

Water Diviner and Dowser - Water diviner can locate perennial underground streams of water and also estimate its approximate yield and depth at which water can be struck.

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Immanuel Velikovsky - Proposed that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events, as described in his 1950s books Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval.

The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive - Archive of Velikovsky’s unpublished writing maintained by a team of historians. Correlation of historical and scientific evidence with the early Hebrew biblical record, including the deluge and the catastrophic destruction by fire of the cities of the plains.

Myth Versus Mathematics - Velikovsky's theory that some 3,500 years ago, and again 700 years later, the earth was affected by the appearance in the sky of a giant comet which eventually became the planet Venus.

The Pitfalls of Radiocarbon Dating - Paper by Velikovsky, detailing why radiocarbon dating is radically unreliable.

Velikovsky resource - A list of resources about Velikovsky and his writings.

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