Near Death Experiences

Death and Dying - Near Death Experience information, stories, frequently asked questions, message boards, and experts.

A Lawyer Argues the Case for the Afterlife - Dr. Victor Zammit presents a detailed and fascinating analysis of the irrefutable objective evidence for the afterlife including the Near Death Experience and reincarnation.

Near Death Experience Research Foundation - Investigating the NDE and searching for its truths; NDERF is a non-profit group devoted to the study and sharing of the Near Death Experience and related phenomena. Dozens of powerful NDE stories on site and a web based form for individuals to share their NDE experiences. NDERF is operated by an MD and a psychologist who are IANDS board members.

Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife - The most profound Near Death Experiences ever researched are profiled in this excellent site as well as the many psychic and religious phenomena that go with the NDE.

Near-Death Experiences - Links to much of the Near Death Experience information on the internet, and several brief NDE accounts.

Observations on God, Life and the Human Journey - An online booklet which presents the wisdom of the Near Death Experience together with the teachings of Jesus. The site explores the reasons for human suffering while offering hope for the future. Its central themes are the unconditional love of God and the sacred worth of each individual.

Thoughtful Living - A collection of Near Death Experiences for understanding and learning about life, combined with the author's NDE insights.

Home Pages

All Night, All Day Angels Watching Over Me - A woman tells of the choice she made during a Near Death Experience, and of the comfort she received from one of God's angels.

Book of Quotations - Recounts the web author’s Near Death Experience following an extended hospitalization for Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The site contains a collection of inspirational quotations and poems.

The Day I Walked on Heavenly Ground - The Near Death Experience of a heart attack victim and the account of a subsequent miracle.

Elsa Joy - A Near Death Experience - Brief description of a personal Near Death Experience.

A Life After Death Experience - A Near Death Experience Account and reflections on its meaning.

Life Song - David Goines tells of his Near Death Experience as a 13-year old boy, skillfully recreating the beautiful garden where an angelic friend explained the nature of the soul body, and told him why we must forget our heavenly knowledge when we come into this world. David also gives valuable advice on discovering the magic of life, spirit and body.

Living Connections Ministries - Contains the web author's personal account of a Near Death Experience - and its life-changing impact. Dedicated to supporting the reader's spiritual enlightenment.

My Death Experience - Rene Turner's glimpse of Heaven following a car wreck.

Near Death Awakening - Linnie Smith describes her Near Death Experience, her meeting with Jesus, and the after-effects of her NDE.

Near Death Experience and Miracles - David King tells the story of his incredible Near Death Experiences. The site also contains related writings.

A Near Death Experience Beyond the Veil - Diane Goble describes her journey to the other side, provides resources and information about death/dying, an open forum, and email counseling for NDErs and the bereaved.

Return From Tomorrow - The story of Christian Near Death Experience survivor, John Foreman, who lives in San Diego County, California.

Near-Death Studies

International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS)   - The IANDS home page describes what a Near Death Experience is, how to find help if you have had one (including the frightening ones), and an index to their scholarly journal. The site presents several actual Near Death Experience accounts and provides a fascinating message board. It also provides links to IANDS chapters located around the world.

Austin Friends of IANDS - The Austin affiliate has held monthly meetings since August 1991. Their website describes the nature of the NDE and gives several actual accounts.

Boston Friends of IANDS - Meeting schedule.

Chicago IANDS - Schedule of meetings, NDE accounts.

IANDS - San Diego Chapter - Meeting schedule.

IANDS Slovenija - Slovenian Association for Near-Death Studies - Home page of Slovenian Association for Near-Death Studies - Domaca stran slovenskega drustva za preucevanje obsmrtnih dozivetij; mostly in slovenian

Seattle IANDS Home Page - Provides information on their monthly meetings and newsletter, and gives several NDE accounts.

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