Out of Body

Astral Projection - A guide to astral projection and discussions on more remote viewing. A reading list is included.

Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience and Lucid Dreams - Expansive description of out of body experiences and lucid dreaming.

Ballabene`s OBE and Astral Pages - Index of articles on experiences, methods, and theories of astral projection.

Beyond Body - Providing the most natural and direct means for experiencing three states of consciousness utilizing MP3 files.

Beyond the Body - Offers information, tapes and workshops on the out of body experience.

Beyond the Veil - Guide to astral projection, seeing human auras, and metaphysics.

International Instititute of Projectiology and Conscientiology - A non-profit research and educational organization that studies out-of-body experience, bioenergy, paranormal, and consciousness development.

OBE Journal - Diary of out of body experiences; techniques and thoughts on the subject.

Out of Body Experience Research Foundation - Presents extensive information and original research on the out of body experience, as well as several first hand accounts.

Out of Body Experiences - Online instructional manual on the OBE.

Parapsychology and personal survival after death - This site contains a summary of ten arguments based on paranormal phenomena indicating personal survival after death. Amongst them: Near-death, out-of-the-body, and deathbed- experiences.

Remarkable Out of the Body Experiences - OBE information as well as near death experiences, and the authors spiritual insights.

Rising Above (the out-of-body experience) - An informative article on out of body experiences.

Spirit Online: Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences - Information on the topic, including near death experiences. A question and answer section and links to related pages is also included.

SpiritWeb: Out of Body Experiences. - A general introduction to OBE, a FAQ on the subject and accounts of experiences contributed by visitors to the site. Contributions welcomed.

Suneye, Out-of-Body and Lucid Dream Guide - Methods and studies on a unique method of obtaining out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. Community atmosphere.

You & The OBE - Article from InnerSelf Magazine on the history and definition of the out of body experience.

Out of Body Experience - An article about healing while out of your body. Also includes definitions of several terms and links to similar articles.


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