Abolish - Gives you the chance to abolish a physics FORCE. And then helps you do just that! These UEF pages are going to change science.

About Subtle Energy Physics: SRT - Learn about ground-breaking research in Sympathetic Resonance Technology and how EMF radiation affects human biology.

Absolute Motion Institute - Claims to do research based purely on facts and experimental proof, rather than already-accepted theories. Series of essays available.

Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise - New Unified Field Theory shows relationship between gravity, mass, energy density, weak and strong nuclear force fields; evidence and discussion.

Alternative Answers - Mars, Moon, and space anomalies.

Alternative Physics and Cosmology FAQ

Alternative physics based on particles' internal energy model - commonsense alternative explanations of so called relativity effects and many other phenomena

An Alternative to Modern Physics - This idea postulates that, as all energy has mass, wave and particle must constitute, at the fundamental level, a single dynamic entity oscillating between states, these oscillations occuring at each point of inflexion along the axis of wave propagation. This gives a simple solution to the duality paradox with many ramifications.

Antigravity - Process & Installation for Generating a (Anti-)Gravitational Field

Archimedes Plutonium - descriptions of "Atom Totality" and other theories

atom space time gravity continuim theory - atom space time gravity continuim theory

AW-Verlag - Information about Space Energy - The search for the cosmic clean energy source usable for almost all applications in transportation and energy supply is our chance to overcome today's worldwide dependency on oil and atomic energy.

Basic Concept of Neorelativistic Mechanics - Summary on Basic Concept of Neorelativistic Mechanics

Classical Mechanics - New dynamics which establishes the existence of a new universal force of interaction, called kinetic force.

Curt Renshaw's Physics Page - the Radiation Continuum Model of Light

Death and Burial Established Theories - Work on the primeval atom, big bang and big crunch theories, denied publication.

Dialectical physics - dialectical approach at the fundamentals of physics; the structure of fields of matter, space, and time

The Dilemma Facing Science - How the universe was created and what science must overcome to make the observation.

Dinosaur extinction - The gravitational hypothesis - An original, serious and well-argued theory explaining dinosaur extinction, especially why dinosaurs disappeared when reptiles survived! What all other thories are unable to explain.

The Discon Theory - Introduces the most fundamental particle, the discon, and provides alternative explanations for phenomena such as the wave/particle duality of light.

DiskFlight: The study of disk-shaped aircraft design. - Join in the quest for flying saucers of our own. Responsible physics. Study, counter-rotation, right-angle turns, attitude control through gyroscopy, ribbon propellers. Free newsletter.

Distance, Time and Space - Time and space are fiction - only distance is reality.

Einstein Conspiracy - Conspiracy to suppress history of alterantive physics that links the ideas of Einstein, Tesla and Newton through the missing link of 18th century genius Boscovich.

Elusive Perception - This Website deals with a system-theoretic model for elusive perception processes and quantitative statements about systems of elusively communicating entities. It contains a speculative part with an application of this model to electromagnetic interactions and the derivation of a theoretical value for their coupling strength.

Energy Misdefined - New mathematical test of energy definition shows that original concept was incorrect.

EPOLA: A New Approach to the Fine Structure of Matter and Space - Modern Physics ceased to be a Natural Science, became a Mathematical Science, kind of applied math, denying even the very existence of physical explanations. Our EPOLA approach provides physical explanations to all known physical phenomena, occurring outside nuclear particles.

EPOLA: A New Approach to the Fine Structure of Matter and Space - A new physical theory on space, matter and radiation

EPR During a Solar Eclipse - Possibility to verify the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox during a solar eclipse.

Ether technology - This site is dedicated to the education, promotion and applications of the aether

Experiments with water vortices - Experiments with a Centripete water vortex generator

Foundation Physics: A new theory in physics - This work is based on an elementary particle, the P-Particle, and includes amongst other topics, discussions of relativity, origin of background radiation, nature of black holes and the nature of light.

Free Energy from a collapsing magnetic feild - Fuelless engines and generators, Built & tested by Inventor Rick Harrison. The fuelless heater, Creative Science & Research sells Plans & Kits and much more!

Free Energy from a collapsing magnetic feild - Fuelless engines and generators, Built & tested by Inventor Rick Harrison. The fuelless heater, Creative Science & Research sells Plans & Kits and much more!

Free Energy from Keelynet - Free Energy, Gravity Control, Electronic Health

Fundamental Proof of Static Nuclear Structure - This paper details a conclusive proof of static nuclear structure. A theory on the electrons is also presented which is derived from the theories of Planck and Einstein.

Goin beyond the big bang - An attempt at interpreting observations that main stream big bang theory failed to.

Gravitational Force Vectoring - We will be able to create gravity in the context of the conservation of energy and quantum mechanics.

The Gravitational Sea - The nucleus of the universe produces the universal gravitational field or gravitational sea. In this field, the galaxies orbit around the nucleus of the universe.

Gravitational Waves Sensor - Data from sensor which is claimed to observe gravitational waves.

Gravity: A link between electricity and gravity - Gravity as a pseudo force

Gravity on the Internet - A logical and intuitive explanation of gravity as a push, not a pull.

Gravity Research by Morton F. Spears - Provides downloadable reports on a new approach to understanding gravity based on electrostatic relationships and the permittivity of open space.

The Gravity Society - Claims that high-Tc superconductors cause a weak local modification of gravitational acceleration.

Gravity The Process of acceleration - Gravity is the acceleration process caused by the distortion of relative time space.

How Much of Modern Physics Is A Fraud? - Includes articles questioning the physics behind the atomic bomb, superfluid helium, the speed of light as a limitation, and the theory of relativity.

How Much of Modern Physics is a Fraud? - Series of pieces on: atom bomb as empiricism, not science/ myth of 'superfluid helium'/ problems of detecting tiny particles/ Heisenberg/ anti-relativity paper which was unanswered - An Italian site for free-energy researchers. Some writings and links in English.

Hurricanes electromagnetical analysis. - electromagnetical explanation of the hurricanes.

The Incunabula Papers: Ong's Hat and other Gateways to New Dimensions - The on-line account of renegade researchers who broke the dimensional barriers and were pursued by the "powers that be" because of it. Told through the person of investigative reporter Joseph Matheny who discovered their story years later.

John Gowan's General Systems - Articles on gravitation, cosmology, unified field theory, particle physics, and general systems.

The Josef Hasslberger page of Physics, Economy and New Energy - Themes on this page include Vortex as a basic physical mechanism, a new look on Thermodynamics, and Action at a Distance. A new co-ordinate system based on tetrahedral geometry is proposed.

KeelyNet - Free Energy/Gravity Control/Alternative Health - A loose network of researchers, experimenters, interested people and groups who communicate freely and share information. We long ago realized the only way we will ever see these advanced technologies used in our everyday lives is by freely sharing our ideas and discoveries. To achieve that end, we collect and correlate information from many sources which provide insights and direction toward making these goals a reality.

L'Energie du Point Zéro - [in French] - Promotion and information about a new alternative energy source: the conversion of the vacuum energy.

Less than hypothetical physics - Contains information on light, prime numbers,space-time and many of my own ideas on these subjects.

Mountain Math Software - Free software and free speculation.

A Multi-Universe Conceptual Hypothesis - New physics theory expanding on special and general relativity, gravity, synchronicity, acausality, chaos, spacetime and quantum foam.

The Nature of Existence - A detailed, ex nihilo model of the universe is developed as the geometric embodiment of a simple integer count. Causes are generated for data - of the type accepted by the consensus of informed opinion - in experimental physics, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology.

A New Approach to the Origins of Matter - Interstellar space designated by the term ether is not empty and uniformly occupies an infinite space.

A new look at the Basic Laws of the Universe - Description of physics based on discrete time and space and their effect on the basic laws of Physics including the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The New Theory Of Missing Matter - By Dr. Syed Ameen. The theory assumes there are particles and entities faster than speed of light which account for the dark matter. The theory presents an explanation of nuclear synthesis, negating the big bang.

New unified theory of fields and matter - A new revolutionary theory has been proposed by N.A.Liashko that represents a new word in Physics

A Novel Nuclear Reactor - A completely novel and radically different type of nuclear fusion reactor.

The N-particle Model Home Page - New theory of the micrscopic world, the world of atoms and molecules, light and gravity, by David Martin Degner. A self-evident, classical, deterministic, and visualizable theory.

On The True Structure of the Solar System - Contains what has not been said. With elements for its verification.

ongoing research papers - about gravity, by John K. Harms

Ong's Hat Dossier on Disinfo - The greatest story never told: a 'Montauk Project' run by Democrats! If the Nazis can have a secret time travel project, why can't the Hippies? Time travel without all the hassles of military protocol and homicidal torture! Ong's Hat posse in The Conspiracy

Our Unitary Universe - Rationalization of the methodology of quantum- and astro-physics so that physical constants vanish from quantized equations

Physics Campfire Forum - Unmoderated forum devoted to discussing physics and physical theory.

Physics Myths and physics facts - Flaws in concepts and theories of modern physics

The Physics of Electromagnetic Masses - [book review] Book that challenges fundamental principles of modern electromagnetic field theory and unveils a new model for electromagnetic masses as they move from the point of origin out into space.

Prime Mover - Article about the prime mover (generator) that drives the universe, and how it influences the very fundamentals of science.

Proceedings on the Neutrosophic Logic and their Application in Neural Networks, Computer Programming, and Quantum Physics - [book review] Unothodox theory effecting quantum mechanics. Here there are more information on it taken from: Dr. Florentin Smarandache's newest book: "A Unifying Field In Logics. / Neutrosophy: Neutrosophic Probability, Set, and Logic"

Process Physics - Process Physics is a new way of modelling reality. The fundamental premise derived limits to logic implied by Godels theorem used to create a model generating both General Relativity and Quantum field theory at a higher level.

Pulsed Plasma Energy - Revolutionary energy source , plasma based radiation and overunity

Quantum Unitary Field Dynamics (QUFD) - A Quantum Unitary Field description of human consciousness incorporating Bose-Einstein condensed-field/quantum forces theory.

RealDeal Science Forum of Debates - science form of debates

A revolutionary physics site for very open-minded skeptics - In this webpage, controversial independent Cal Tech graduate sets out to explore the most incredible, and sometimes the most obscured, discoveries of modern physics, which could make us rethink everything we think... we... know... about the Cosmos. Check this page for what could be the science of "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Rotor Systems - When excentric masses at spiral tracks are accelerated and decelerated, additional kinetic energy will be available at the output

Science Links - my thoughts on gravity, creation, and links to some very good science related websites.

The Science of Miracles - Revolutionary spectral theory of the atom explains particle and wave nature of light, Unification Theory, creation of the universe, UFOs, OOBEs, NDEs, Shroud of Turin, psychic abilities, consciousness, unexplained phenomena.

Scientific Materialism / The Derivation of All Science from Newtonian Contact Forces

Scientific Materialism and The Fluid Universe / The Derivation of All Science From Newtonian Contact Forces - An alternative theory of physics based on Newtonian contact mechanics

Scriptural Physics - The application of scriptural principles to the study of physics leads to some fascinating insights.

Shade Tree Physics - Articles on Newtonian physics applied to astronomy and cosmology. Emphasis on works of Walter Ritz. Anisotropic quasar redshift histograms. Index of early bremsstrahuung journal articles. Commentaries and URLs dealing with Velikovsky.

Simplicity in Nature - A simplistic naturalism theory. Building physical universe without material paradox (creation and plurality). Simplifying matter and energy as space curvatures only.

Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge - Alternative science and philosophy.

Space Plasmas and Radiation Processes - Inconsistencies in present theories and alternative solutions

Space propulsion of the future. - An electrical/mechanical engineer in Minnesota has developed an electro-gravitic-repulsion device that can only be configured as a dome-topped disc. Sound familiar?

Spatial Dimensionality - Discussion of alternative view of space and time.

Structure of the Solar System - Derives structure of the Solar System from numerical and geometrical relations and from some microscopic physics.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - A master index of SVP web pages. Some very interesting links and files, including some from publications of the 1800's on various "scientific" theories.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - John W. Keely - Master Index of SVP web pages.

Theories with Problems: by Keith Mayes - Examination of theories in physics from the Big Bang to Quantum Theory, time travel, superluminal speed and Time itself.

Time and Gravitation Control - Theory and experiments on time and gravitation control, free energy and DNA resonance.

Time and Gravity Control, Free Energy - Experimental proposals, projects and theories.

Time Travel Research Center - A company dedicated exclusively to advancing the study and development of time and time travel capabilities.

Time will tell - An essay about the nature of time.

Timeless Physics - new physics explains in simple terms the paranormal including: ESP, the creation, spirits, God, astrology, gravity, ghosts, reincarnation, memory, religion, healing, predictions, psychics, learning, hypnotism

TimeScience Pages - Time quantizing, time sensing, autoadaptation-theorem and the algorithm of life. A new universal theory described, by Erich Bieramperl.

TRUTON - The Rational Unified Theory Of Nature

UEF Theory - Analyses of outstanding physics problems in many disciplines - with some surprising results.

Ultimate Physics - A theory of everything, claims to start with a superstring and a geometric world view and to construct reality using simplicity and common sense.

Unconventional Physics - Models of energy density quantification and of eternal oscillating universe.

A Unified Field Theory - A mathematical description of nature based on the geometry of Space-Time. General Relativity,Energy-Stress tensor, a set of current densities and Quantum mechanics for Spin 1 Bosons. Space-Time dimensions calculated and not put in by hand.

Universality of Movement - A new concept. The clock doesn't measure time. Mental time, Physical time. Fourth dimension physically inconsistent.

The Universe is not Expanding. - Alternate explanation for redshifts of galaxies with shapiro effect which does not require an expanding universe.

Vic Mansfield - A member of the Pyschic and Astronomy Department at Colgate University. Includes an archive of his published papers and essays on subjects concerning physics and metaphysics.

Walter Russell's Physics / Cosmogeny - Alternative Physics Concepts Images and Links of Walter Russell

Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages) - Weird Research, Anomalous Physics

Accreation of the Earth and Solar System - Introduces a new theory of creation of the Earth and Solar System.

An Alternative View of the Universe Idea - How do we know that there really is such a thing as the universe? Here is an analysis of the universe idea that leads to a startling conclusion.

The Cause of the Cosmological Red Shift - The red shift is caused by gravitational interaction with masses passed in space, thus there is no expansion of galaxies.

Cosmic Commode - A proposed resolution of general relativity theory and an alternative to the Big Bang theory of cosmological creation.

Cosmic oilers - A view of the sky from Russia, the country where now more 90% of oil is produced with water injection, in 2-3 cubic km per year. The impression of the universe under exploitation is created, no fiction.

Cosmic Perspective - Book which claims to eliminate the Big Bang as a viable theory of creation.

Cosmic queries - To persons perplexed by the cosmos. Is the space picture a hostage of the sunlight?

Cosmic Spirals:Evolution of Time Asymmetries - Evolutionary spirals through the dynamics of heat, randomization and gravity.

Cosmological Redshift - Variable electric charge may be a contributing factor to cosmological redshift. Quasars may be closer than we think.

Cosmology and Dark Matter - Cosmology article about emerging universe theory.

Cosmos 2000 - Recent discovery of the nature of atomic particles reveals a meaning of the Universe.

The Discal Universe - The Universe has a nucleus and a gravitational field. The Nucleus of the Universe produces the Universal Gravitational Field, where the galaxies orbit.

Fractal and Turbulent Universe - Formation of large-scale structures in the cosmos revealing a fractal distribution of galaxies, clusters and superclusters explained by the theory of turbulence. Requires JavaScript.

Fractal Cosmology - Denies the Big Bang theory and claims that the universe is of infinitely replicated fractal structure.

Gravity Kinetics: Exploring the Space Matrix - Arguments favoring ether in space and its effects on gravity and electromagnetic waves.

Impossible Correspondence - 24 yr study in science / religion / metaphysics. 39,510 books read in 1000's of subjects.

Information Central - Your source for information on almost virtually any topic available. Special emphasis put on geology, volcanology, astrophysics, and especially evolution. Divided into two portions, Information Central gives you info on secular sciences and sheds light on the evolution vs. creation debate. An anti Talk.Origins web site.

The Living Cosmos - Argues that biological universe is stabilized by life and that planets, galaxies, and other objects are similar at the phenomenological level.

The New Universe - Cosmic theories based on spectral theory of the atom explains planetary evolution and orbits, creation of the universe and galaxies, particle and wave nature of light. New ideas in celestial mechanics and physics.

Olbers' Paradox - This is a short essay on Olbers' paradox. It is different from the other versions found on the web.

Personal Cosmology - A philosophical study of the Cosmos. Believing that the Cosmos has a very simple basis.

Seven Dimensional (and up) Einsteinian Hyperspherical Universe - Updated material from the archived "Cosmology Review" site written in cooperation with UNC. A conceptualization in plain English of an eternal, dual, periodic universe model according to Special and General Relativity.

Simple world explanation - Best solutions for hierarchical system of matter in cosm, world formula, wave mechanics bound with relativity, chat about it, downloads of articles and cohesions

21st Century's all New Cosmology - As Galileo changed our understanding of the Solar System, this book changes our understanding of the Universe.

The Universal Theory Of Contiguity - A cosmology showing that the interstellar medium is an ideal blackbody, emitting blackbody radiation. The emission product (bb radiation) results in stellar and planetary formations.

Universe as Turbulence and Model of Structure Formation - A paper describing possible evidence against big-bang cosmology and support for a fractal universe.

The universe is not expanding - The author claims that the Shapiro effect is the source of the redshift of distant galaxies instead of the Doppler effect.

A Workable Cosmology - This simplest cosmology seems to be the one that can be practiced by our Nature. It uses non-Euclidean geometrical material as a topological background to build matter-energy in our physical world.

An Antisymmetric Metric - The Maxwell equations are derived from an antisymmetric space-time metric.

The Bermuda Triangle mystery is solved - Static electricity is the perpetrator for the unexplained aviation disasters in the bermuda triangle.

Charge - attraction and repulsion - and uef - One of a series - these results are perhaps even more surprising - until the penny drops.

Critical Researches on General Electrodynamics - English translation of Walter Ritz's 1908 criticism of Maxwell-Lorentz electromagnetic theory.

Elektromagnum - This Web is devoted to speculative electromagnetics and especially the possible explanation af gravity/inertia by electromagnetics.

EMFguru - To educate the public to the health risks of electromagnetic fields.

Fullspectrum - Kirlian photographt and subtle energy fields - Title: Full Spectrum - Kirlian Photography and Aura Photography, photographing the electromagnetic field around animate and inanimate objects using the Kirlian camera to show subtle energy fields.

FuturePropulsion,,,Space propulsion of the future. - A mechanical engineer has developed an operational prototype of an electro-gravitic-repulsion device! It can only be configured in a dome topped disk shape! Sound familiar?

The Highly Electro-Magnetic Hideout - Free energy through the previously little thought of 'ion state' of space. Unique design manipulates boson's kinetics to transform this to electricity in novel device.

Magnetic Powered Vehicle/Q-Day 2000 - Two students invent a magnetic powered vehicle using maglev and are seeking sponsorship to further develop and market the invention

New Induction: The new Model of electromagnetic induction - The New model of electromagnetic induction is superior to Faraday's law in every respect. It predicts things that Faraday can not.

A New Interpretation of Light - A new theory about light and colour which combines elements of Goethe's Theory of Colours and Maxwell's electromagnetic wave theory.

Pulsed Plasma - Pulsed Plasma energy, future power source

Access to a Physical Understanding of Gravitation - Ideas on gravitation.

The Aether - A tutorial on special relativity at the level of a first year university course

Aether Theories - Collation of Scientific Theories of the Aether - Articles relating to the Emergence of Scientific Theories of the Cosmic Aether. (Including papers claiming that the aether actually exists)

An alternative view of the stucture of time - Explores a particle-based view of special and general relativity.

Autodynamics - Autodynamics is a superset of Special Relativity picking up where Special Relativity leaves off. Among its implications are the ability to describe important experimental data that Special Relativity cannot

Cosmodynamics -A global theory of Gravity derived from Expanding Space - A free prepublication draft of a verifiable theory of gravitational cause and consequence derived from Einstein's "principle of equivalence"

Dipole AntiGravity - Introduction of a new physical theory of anti-gravity

Einstein Visits Again - This site gives a new interpretation for Einstein's relativity theory. Law of conservation of mass and law of conservation of energy incorporated into Einstein's equation i.e. E=mc^2.

Einstein's relativity and other myths - Attempts to disprove popular physics theories such as relativity and black holes.

Emerging Universe - An article by Nicholas Sclufer backing the Emerging Universe theory as an alternative to the Big Bang theory. It states that the universe is still in the process of formation, with the energy of the virgin vacuum pouring into the bubble of the universe and becoming matter.

Euclidean Nature of Space Time-Experimental Proof - The stellar aberration finds explanation in classical time concept with which the principle of constancy of light speed in all inertial frames is incompatible.

Evidence Against Relativity - An article about a theory based on a medium called "the Firmament".

How much of modern physics is a fraud? - How much of modren physics is a fraud? At present, two items, on 'superfluid helium - a lucrative fraud?' and 'the myth of the speed of light barrier'. More to come, on nuclear power. By Phil Holland, retired nuclear power scientist.

Inertial Mechanics - Inertial Mechanics introduces mass-energy relationships that enable principles of relativity to be defined with classical mechanics.

Mathematical Contradictions to Special Relativity - Mathematical proof of the falsity of a popular derivation of the transformation equations in special relativity theory.

Measuring time and other spatio-temporal quantities - Einstein could not, but with a "space-time odometer" in addition to a "light-clock" we can now measure both common sense time and spatial distances.


Nothingness in the Void - Theory of black holes and general relativity.

Physics - Electrogravity by Nils Rognerud - Can the nature of gravity be understood? Currently, no one has been able to explain the true nature of gravity. We live with this force on a daily basis and yet this force remains one of the greatest mysteries of our technological society.

Physics and Gravity - links to various alternative theories

Physics of the Mysterious - Thoughts of a theoretical physicists on channelling, time travel and the paradigm shift - By Arkadiusz Jadczyk - Source: Aurora Publications / Cassiopaea

QuantumPhysics - Papers about the Smarandache Hypothesis that there is no speed barrier in the universe, SRM-Theory of constructing arbitrary speeds from zero to infinite, Smarandache Sorites Paradox.

Relativity and Gravitrons - Short page claiming that it is the acceleration of energy within a particle that produces mass and consequently gravity.

Relativity and waves - Relativity explained by waves. A well animated program on waves will show you the laws of relativity. Original exercices are proposed. Also a short course on measurements, illustrated by sundials, with original exercices.

The Ritzian Theory - Site dedicated to the Ritzian theory, which is an alternative to relativity.

SAA - Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics

A Shifting Theory Of Gravity - This theory proposes a physical mechanism for gravity - free gravitons randomly strike and are absorbed into a particle, which then expels other gravitons.

Spacelike Mappings of the Light Cone - Lattice of spacelike intervals that can map all of space and time. Pictures of some models.

Super Universe and Relativity Hypothesis - A conceptual model that goes outside our universe. It expands on relativity and chaos.

Theory for Gravitic Propulsion - Theory for Matter, Energy, Space-Time and Gravitic Propulsion

The Theory of Distance-time - Defining space and time in the literal way we experience it -via particles-I create a quantum theory of space and time.

Time-Line-Theory - This is about time-energy-matter and gravity. This site is about matter having a constant time to it in the universe.

Unified Equation Of Physics - Unifying physics equations, this extension of Special Relativity, for any binary system, incorporates gravitational and Coulomb effects, and wave-particles, and modifies Schwarzschild's mathematics and concepts of time.

Unified Field Theory - Non-self-consistency theorems for classical GR's field equations leading to a unified field theory of forces based on vector-boson field theory in flat space with gravitational time-dialation only. Calculation of GR effects from quantum field theory in flat space, including the precession of the perhelion of Mercury, curvature of light around the sun, and the gravitational redshift.

The Universe is not expanding - The Shapiro effect is the cause of the redshift of distant galaxies, instead of the Doppler effect.

Usenet articles on QM, SR and GR - Collection of a few usenet articles challenging some establishment views in science

Welcome to Divergent Matter Homepage - Introduction to the Divergent Matter Model

Einstein's Theory vs Classical Mechanics - This book demonstrates that using "conventional wisdom", "conventional logic, "Newton's physics" and Galilean coordinates, classical physics can explain the observed phenomena attributed to relativity.

New Physics

Field Resonance Propulsion - Postulates magnetic/gravity interactions.

Gyroscopes As Propulsion Devices

The Highly Electro-Magnetic Hideout - Projective geometry solves mysteries of the universe.

Non-newtonian propulsion

Quasi Moto: Theoretical Propulsion Physics - Considers unconventional means of space propulsion (and any ancillary systems), with the aim to determine their feasibility or basis in fact.

Stellarotor / Centrifugal Pulsatory - A little theory (omniradiation, gravitation, centrifugation as effects of it, dynamic mirrors, ...) and some models as direct derivatives from mechanical vibrators, crank-conn.rod-slider mechanism, eccentric mathematics.

Theory for Gravitic Propulsion - A theoretical discussion of using gravity as a means of interstellar space propulsion. Touches on the theories of matter, energy, and space time.


Advanced Propulsion Concepts - Extensive collection of concepts.

Advanced Space Transportation Program - NASA MSFC

Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program - Experiments and theories regarding the coupling of gravity and electromagnetism, the quantum vacuum, hyperfast travel, and superluminal quantum effects.

Emerging Possibilities for Space Propulsion Breakthroughs - article by Marc.G.Millis

High Speed Research Propulsion Project (HSRP) - Developing the technology to make High Speed Civil Transport(HSCV) cost effective, reliable, and environmentally compatible

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Technical Reports Server (JPLTRS) v2.0 - enter 'propulsion' into search and get 100+ reports

NASA Stennis Space Center - Where NASA tests rocket engines

Warp Drive When? - Have you ever wondered . . .

Unproven Concepts

Examining Dennis Lee's amazing claims of Better World Technology   - page on one of the many "free energy" gurus.

ADDA Homesite - Unlimited energy without fuel, with family photographs, poetry and numerous self-gratulations.

Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. - Helping public awareness of the coming energy crunch while working on creative solutions to ease the inevitable transition.

Bessler: The Orffyreus Prophecies - Explore The Evidence of Johann E. E. Bessler ( Orffyreus ) the only person to provide a gravity driven power device.

Business Plan: Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes - Trade Plan for the captioned electromotive system, which affects directly the Automotive Industry. Investors, Manufacturers with Publicity Abilities are requested.

Cayce on the No Fuel Motor 1 - The theory and construction of a motor that requires no fuel, that pulls the vibrations from thin air.

The Cosmological Constant and Whirlpool Building - We are building whirlpools, not to be confused with the old Chaos vortex.

Creative Science and Research - Fuelless engines, generators, free energy devices,and new discoveries by inventor Rick Harrison. Plans, videos and kits for sale. Also offers plans and kits for some devices to demonstrate conventional energy concepts.

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman - Inventor Joseph Newman's revolutionary technology will TOTALLY DECENTRALIZE our access to energy and replace ALL present forms of energy production - or so the claim goes.

Energy source without fuel - Energy conversion from heat to electricity.

Entropy Systems, Inc. - Primarily a refrigerator and A/C site, but they claim to have a combination heater/refrigerator that gets all of its power from the "heat of the air".

Eric's history of Perpetual Motion and Free Energy Machines - a look at hundreds of years of people who have promised free energy or perpetual motion. Interesting history of free energy and perpetual motion scams.

Finsrud Free Energy - Mr. Finsrud is a Norwegian artist who made a sculpture where a metal ball moves for weeks apparently with no outside influence.

Free Energy - Doing your own experiments in free energy.

Free Energy and Perpetual Motion - An account of Johann Bessler and his perpetual motion machine. Includes new theory on free energy machine, plus description of secret code, containing full details of construction of his machine - so far not deciphered.

Free Energy claims of Entropy Systems inc. - Entropy Systems Inc. claim that their "Entropy Engines can operate both as a power plant and as a refrigerator .... by converting heat at any temperature to power...." and that "No scientist has found any logical or mathematical flaw in the Amin Cycle paper". Well; here you can read the opinions of just a few of the countless scientists who aren't fooled by Amin's pseudo-science

Free Energy Generators and Unique Pyramids - My website has three Free Energy Generators that harness gravity to pump water up and past a waterwheel. All of my designs are Unique Pyramids.

Free Energy Technology! - Paper listing: 'Magnetic, electromagnetic, spiral vortex, and other kinds of inventions that can tap un-limited free energy from the universe!'

Free Energy with wires and magnets - A sceptics page on various free energy electrical devices.

The Home of Primordial Energy - The papers of Bruce DePalma and Paramahamsa Tewari, relating to the "Pre-Existent Primordial Field of the Universe," said to be a sea of 'free energy' which permeates all. The N-1 Homopolar Generator is one device which is said to be able to "plug in" to this Free Energy.

Hoverboard Resources - Anti-gravity resources to aid in the development of hoverboard technology.

INE Web Sites (With Active Links) - A huge list of scientific and pseudo-scientific websites concerning or claiming to have various free energy devices.

Infinite Energy Magazine Online - An online cold fusion information resource, and home of Infinite Energy Magazine, focusing on new developments in the field of chemically assisted nuclear reactions.

The Institute For New Energy: Advanced Physics and Applications - A non-profit educational institute dedicated to technical research and device development in advanced physics and energy conversion, with a long monthly newsletter and a large international membership.

JLN Labs - Information, articles, and links to various types of "free energy" and perpetual motion devices.

Josef Hasslberger page of Physics, Economy and New Energy - The energy section of the site contains two articles of interest on hydropower generation, based on the ideas and work of Viktor Schauberger.

Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet - Free information on 14 free energy devices to provide energy, transportation, heat, light, water, more: parts list, drawings, descriptions.

Magnetic Fuel Savers - How to install permanent magnets to cut fuel use in combustion engines.

Magnetic Generator - Learn to build it here: description, diagram.

Nu Energy Technologies, Inc. - Designs, manufactures, and markets power conversion systems for electronic and electrical systems.

Perpetual Motion: the History of an Obsession - Book on the fascinating history of the search for perpetual motion.

Pioneering Advanced Technology - Funding sought for 'high capacity, high power electrical energy active storage, not electrochemical, [but] hi-tech solid state electronics.' Very little content.

Q-Day: January 1, 2000 - Two students report that they succeeded with an experiment which may have found an answer that links quantum mechanics with the general relativity theories, as well as the laws of gravity. Also, they say they invented a magnetic powered vehicle.

RF Energy via Ionospheric Reflection - Presents a concept and experiment data for extracting RF energy from the Solar excitation of the ionospheric layers and a simple reflecting antenna system.

SpiritWeb: Free Energy, Theory, Devices and Progress - Large page linking an amazing diversity of topics.

Zero Point Physics, Vacuum Energy, Scalar Physics - "All the major car companies are now working on levitating vehicles. Fourth Millennium, a partnership, is in possession of the "simple" insight or the mentation required to exploit this particular science ...." Hmmm, ok...

Cold Fusion

Britz's COLD NUCLEAR FUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY - Completely neutral comprehensive oversight of possibly interesting results.

Cold Fusion Research - NCAS presents the 1989 DOE report on cold fusion. The report describes and evaluates the evidence and makes policy recommendations to the department as to support for research in this area.

Cold Fusion Times - journal of the scientific aspects of loading isotopic fuels into materials

Cold Nuclear Fusion Research - This Cold Nuclear Fusion page includes information dealing with the basics of nuclear fusion, an overview of cold fusion and the factors involved, cold fusion construction guide (chemicals, safety, electrochemical cell, analytical results, theories), newsletter conveying the latest on cold fusion technology, and many other topic areas.

Hot and Cold running Fusion - Technical Fusion links.

Infinite Energy Magazine Online - Cold Fusion and New Energy Technology - An online cold fusion information resource, and home of Infinite Energy Magazine, focusing on new developments in the field of chemically assisted nuclear reactions

My list of Cold Fusion links - links on this outcast science

New Energy - A venture capital fund for revolutionary new energy technologies, started 1997.

What If Cold Fusion Is Real? (Wired Issue 6.11) - It was the most notorious scientific experiment in recent memory - in 1989, the two men who claimed to have discovered the energy of the future were condemned as imposters and exiled by their peers. Can it possibly make sense to reopen the cold fusion investigation? A surprising number of researchers already have.

Orgone Energy

American College of Orgonomy - Non-profit organization which organizes conferences, trains orgone therapists, and publishes the Journal of Orgonomy.

Critical Evaluation of the Life Energy Research of Wilhelm Reich - Research project of the Free University of Berlin discovered acute flaws in the experiemental and theoretical aspects of Dr. Reich's life energy theory.

Hyperspace Communications & Technologies Inc. - Sells a line of radionic pulse and frequency generators ranging from $395 to $1495, plus attachments and computer interfaces.

Institute for Orgonomic Science, The - Organization which conducts educational seminars, trains psychiatric orgone therapists, and publishes a journal of case studies and biological experiments.

Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory - Does social research, experiments with orgone accumulators, and cloudbuster field research.

Orgonics - Sells a range of orgone accumulating devices including blankets, belts, mitts, vests, and wands. - Sells the orgonometry book "Before the Beginning of Time" by Jacob Meyerowitz, and a couple other booklets.

Public Orgonomic Research Exchange - Information and thorough collection of links to orgonomy web sites.

Skeptic's Dictionary: orgone & Wilhelm Reich - Skeptical encyclopedia article on orgone energy.

Wilhelm Reich & Orgone WebRing - Links to several orgonomy sites.


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