AlienZoo - AlienZoo - Explore the alien within. Get news on UFOs and space, MP3 music, intergalactic downloads, e-mail, chat, and Web search.

The Black Vault - Large UFO site, with features including scanned pages of official government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, court documents, information on viewing UFO's, and a discussion board.

ABCguides: Aliens

Abduction, A Materialised Dream - A new theory on abduction, UFOs and alternate reality experiences, based on a new interpretation of known physics.

Adamski Foundation - Exobiology, Astrophysical, Lunar, and UFO research.

Alien & UFO info from Allexperts - Volunteer experts answer your detailed questions about UFO's and aliens for free.

Alien Alley - Abduction Artwork - One of the most extensive sites dedicated to the Alien Abduction experience as told through the artwork and words of abductees / experiencers themselves.

Alien Anomalies and UFO Mysteries - Daily news bits and hot links. Space and science links, resources, UFO information, reports, articles, weird news, and odd information.

AlienArtifacts.com - UFO information, general merchandise, discussion and over 40 other extraterrestrial-related searches can be found on this site.

AlienPlace - Cyber card of the day plus message board, alien links, and horoscopes.

4Aliens - A directory guide to alien, abduction, and UFO related sites.

Aliens - We Are Coming! - Products for sale, photo gallery, and discussion.

Aliens and UFOs Among Us - Reasons why alien visitations are thought to exist, from ancient history to the present.

The Aliens Are Coming - You can live to see them if you wish. Or that's what they want you to do...

Alien's Site - Alien autopsy photos and files?

Aliens111 Stargate - We are NOT alone. The truth can be found at Aliens111.

Aliens the Truth - UFO resource site.

Aliens.Phatstart.Com - Offers news on alien activities, crop circles and sightings.

Amateur Radio Unidentified Flying Object Net - Offers information and links on ufos and ham radio.

American UFO News - UFO newswire, weekly UFO newspaper, nightly UFO talkshow hosted by Stefan Duncan.

Andreasson Affair - Offers graphic art and descriptions of one ufo case.

The Anomalies Network - UFO/Paranormal archive. Over 30,000 files, videos, and pictures. Also chat rooms, message boards and free webspace for UFO/paranormal related sites.

Anomic Lurch by BlebNet - Aliens and alienation, sex and technology.

Aqua Alienz 2 - Continuation of 'The Underwater UFO Homepage,' providing information and links relating to the USO 'Unidentified Sea Object' Phenomenon.

Archives of UFO@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU - The unidentified flying objects network.

Aztec UFO 2001 symposium - In New Mexico, with celebrated ufo and alien researchers: Stanton Friedman, Peter Davenport, Dennis Balthasar, Ted Loman and Peter Gersten to speak. This event takes place March 23-25, 2001.

Blueprint Comedown - The alien abduction phenomenon related through music.

The BUFON Bulletin - A site with many links and information which will help with UFO info.

Center for AnthroUfology - An anthropological examination of the historical, cultural, and religious contexts for UFOs.

Cornwall UFO Research Group - Based in Truro, Cornwall and Plymouth, Devon, South West England, this organization is dedicated to alerting the population at large to the reality of UFOs and ET visitation and contact.

Cosmic Conspiracies - Over 100 pages on UFOs.

Cosmic Context ~ Exploring Your Universe - Explore the possibilities of life elsewhere, the universe, the history and future of astronomy, more. Links, images, and a chat room.

CrashDebris.Com - Distributor of UFO crash debris. Complete with isotopic anomalies and scientific data.

Crowded Skies - London UFO and Alien Research - A UK based alien and UFO research site, with great alien pics, downloads and sighting report forms.

The Dark Outpost - Explore such topics as SETI, extraterrestrial life, time travel, parallel universes, and fifth dimension theory.

Destination: Space - An active exploration of astronomical & aeronautical advances, the ongoing intrigue behind the UFO enigma and a view towards the reality behind science fiction.

Directory for UFOs and Aliens-AppuOnline.com - Informative sites on UFOs, aliens, and space adventures.

Dr Seven's Science Fiction Journal - Deals with both a true story about a personal UFO abduction and some short science fiction about the subject written by the author of the page.

The Drunken Monkey - The Drunken Monkey reports the facts about actual UFO landings, alien abductions, psychic powers and other paranormal phenomena.

earthRod Productions: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Earth - Discover the mysteries of mazes, stone circles, megaliths, hill figures and the cover-up surrounding unidentified flying objects.

Enigma - Site dedicated to large UFO related documents.

Esoterica - A compendium of independently reviewed and categorized links dealing with the UFO question, also contains editorial comment and helpful micro-essays.

The Evolution of Interstellar Travel - Is Interstellar Travel Possible? Including but not limited to discussions on physics, technology, ufo propulsion, levitation, and apportation.

Exopolitics: The - Internet source for news, research and articles on Exopolitics.

exoScience UFO - News, pictures, movies and discussion.

Extraterrestrial Life - Investigates the possibility that we may not be alone in the universe.

First Encounter - Ancient and modern encounters with extraterrestrials.

The Flying Saucer Cafe - Comprehensive UFO resource.

Fourth Density - Enhance your knowledge of control paradigms and how to escape therefrom.

Friendly Alien Contact - Send messages to friendly aliens and make the contact now

The Gateway to Intelligent Infinity - How to access the gateway to intelligent infinity. Information was transmitted by advanced extraterrestrials.

HolocityCentral - Various news on UFOs and other related subjects and a collection of sound files from movies.

How to Skin an Alien - Eventually, you have to fight back. Learn how to skin the would be alien abductor and more.

How to Stop Alien Abductions - A collection of ways to stop common forms of abductions by aliens.

I Filmed Alien UFOs - Site belonging to a man who claims to have filmed UFOs.

International Society for UFO Research - Well designed site has lots of UFO information and a nice database of sightings.

International UFO Database - Search UFO sightings worldwide, or post your own submission.

Internet UFO Skeptics - Ufology research from a skeptical (but not debunkers') point of view.

The Invasion is Over - Tales of aliens abductions, conspiracies...ect

Jeff Rense - Sightings - Radio Show on UFO Sightings.

The Last Domain ~UFO~ - Sightings, government investigations, sites, and info.

Last UFO - Focuses on the book written by an out of body experiencee.

Majestic Documents - Provides downloadable leaked highly classified documents and discusses document authentication procedures and how they are applied to the examination of documents.

MindBogglingSites.com - A plethora of cool websites about the strange and bizarre.

Mothership - UFOMIND Paranormal Research Index - Glen Campbell's massive and comprehensive collection of UFO and paranormal related information. It also contains a great bookstore for finding UFO related material.

My Abduction Page - Alien abduction without the mumbo-jumbo? That is the plan. My experiences, theories and anything else I think my help you on the rocky road to investigate this stuff.

netZonian.com - Offers art, photos and information on UFO's, aliens, pyramids, ghosts and space.

NM UFO Hunter - Based in New Mexico, the UFO hunter takes short adventures in and around the state. Includes links, pictures and stories.

North American UFO Society - UFO related information and pictures.

Ocean Saucers & ESP - Sea-Treck unveils "Ocean Saucers" designed by extraterrestrials here on Earth through an ESP link with inventor David C. Martin III. See the futuristic system developed under the power of alien intelligence.

Out of Bounds: 60 Controversial UFO Reports - 60 very controversial reports on UFO subjects and government coverups.

Parascope: Something Strange is Happening! - Paranormal news and information. The "Enigma" section pertains to UFOs.

Path to the Source - The purpose of this site is to present extra-terrestrial contact experiences, e.t. philosophy, missing time and para-normal experiences.

The Patrik Pages - Online journal of the weird, strange and unexplained and supernatural.

PEER - Program for Extraordinary Experience Research - PEER was founded in 1993 by Harvard professor of psychiatry Dr. John Mack. PEER contributes to the scientific and philosophical explorations of extraordinary experiences.

The Poddys Guide - The Poddys guide to UFO's, alien encounters, extra-terrestrials and other unexplained phenomena.

Project A.L.P. - Earthquakes and UFOs.

The Project At Earth - Learn about the true nature of universal life, including our own. The Project At Earth is the organization of all of Earth's Visiting Life.

Project Hessdalen - In the area of Hessdalen, Norway, a luminous phenomenon was occurring with strong recurrence. The Project Hessdalen is a scientific research project for the study of the phenomenon. [English/Norwegian]

Protree Alternative Information Center

The Psychology of UFOs - Skeptical short sharp look at UFOs, including perceptions, deliberate confusion of UFOs with 'aliens', secret flying machines, etc.

Roswell - Insight as to what might have happened at Roswell.

The Ruthless Out there - Watch out for UFO cults! - Site devoted to expose UFO frauds, with comprehensive explanations on UFO subjects like alien autopsy, Mars face, crop circles. Gives guidelines on debunking UFO cults such as Heaven's Gate.

San Luis Valley, CO (SLV - UFO) - Information on unexplained UFO sightings in San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Saucer Smear - A funny and satirical newsletter about ufology.

The Search For Truth - Help find the truth about UFOs and alien life.

Seek Ye One: UFO's & The Bible - Proposes Biblical origins/intentions of UFOs and their involvement with coming Rapture, in light of global desensitization through popular culture. Read book online or order it.

SetLab - UFO photos, aliens, government conspiracies and alien photos. Also a place to report sightings.

Shadie Pines Motel - UFO's, alien abductions, the paranormal, amazing phenomena, government coverups and conspiracies, fantastic artwork, theories - find it all at the Shadie Pines Motel.

The South Australian UFO Mystery Site - Detailed examination with very large pictures of a UFO and its probe, sighted early one morning in South Australia.

South Carolina UFO Reporting Site - This page serves as a collection point for UFO sightings in and around South Carolina and promotes a general discussion about UFO's, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Conspiracies and Government Coverups. User feedback is welcome.

Starship Alpha - Documents site owner's UFO experiences.

The Temporal Doorway Window - The Scientific Study of UFOs

The 12th Planet Cafe - A monthly review of Sumer, UFOs and the work of Zecharia Sitchin. Features a discussion board and book reviews.

Think About It - A place to think.

Third Millennium Rational Culture & Ufology - The truth about flying saucers and extraterrestrials.

This is: UFOlogy - The Government is lying. Find the proof they are protecting you from.

TOTALUFO - UFO site directory.

the Truth Is In Here... - A starting point for the new and old UFO or ALIEN researchers alike.It contains links, news, pictures, statistics and more.

The Truth Is Out There: A Newsletter - Web site for paranormal-related newsletter.

U F O Nut - This site contains pictures and descriptions of historic UFO sightings and annotated links to current UFO observers.

*U* UFO Database Website - Map and statistical screens and downloads from the *U* UFO Database. *U* is a 15 year ongoing project to catalog and map all credible UFO sightings worldwide, for all dates. This is a serious and well regarded study. - Larry Hatch

ufo - This page is about the folklore surrounding UFOs, exploring the concepts of Area 51, the majestic 12 documents and the Roswell incidents.

UFO and Paranormal Contacts - Register your details and correspond with people who are interested in UFO's or the Paranormal.

The U.F.O. BBS - An incredible collection of images, text files, and everything relating to UFO's. Indispensable to the researcher.

UFO Central - Paranormal video collection.

UFO Central - Up-to-date, accurate, entertaining information about UFOs and extraterrestrials.

The UFO Connection - A collection of primarily exclusive video tapes on the subjects of extraterrestrials, UFOs, and crop circles.

UFO Contact RAMA Group - To share the truth about the spirituality connected with UFO activity in the world. Group originated in Peru in 1974. Meditation, scheduled sightings, telepathic communications.

UFO Craze - Covers the topic of UFOs and government involvement.

UFO Digest - Video Proof of UFOs - UFO Digest has collected some of the best UFO video evidence on the Internet and has converted them to Real Streaming Video. This means you only need a Real Player (one player) to see and experience video confirmation of ufos, alien abduction and contact.

The Ufo Enigma - Learn about UFOs, Men in Black, and alien abductions.

UFO Folklore! - A huge amount of UFO related information.

UFO Infosite - Information on UFO's, space and NASA.

UFO Insider - An online sighting and abduction database. Also a chat area and forum for the discussion of UFO related subjects.

The UFO Lady - A UFO site for kids.

UFO Links - The author of this page isn't sure of which direction she wants to take it, but she has included some links to major UFO organisations.

UFO Magazine Online - A leading source of information in the UFO field. The magazine reports facts about sightings, abductions, current research, new technologies, and conspiracy theories.

UFO News Today - Latest UFO news stories updated daily.

UFO Online - Italian and English site, international UFO information.

The UFO Page - A rational look at UFOlogy. The ongoing TUFOP Abduction survey is a multi-year survey trying to identify commonalities within the aline abduction experience.

UFO Page from Julia Armstrong Murphy - Mother and daughter describe 1973 UFO sighting that occurred in Montgomery, Alabama.

UFO Paradise - Pictures, movies, and information about aliens and UFOs.

The UFO Phenomenon - Information related to UFO's and the paranormal.

UFO Research - Document's UFO sightings.

UFO Research Midlands - Home site of the specialist research group UFO Research Midlands. A very active and long running research group associated with many of the key speakers on the UFO Lecture circuit.

UFO Resource Center - UFO research community with open forum to report a UFO, study UFO case reports of extraterrestrial contact and military cover-ups.

UFO Roundup - Weekly e-zine that catalogs UFO sightings from around the world.

UFO Sighting Central - UFO reporting and sighting retrieval site, with chat, images, interviews, interactive 3d UFO model concepts, conceptual art, and articles.

UFO Sightings in the UK - Lists reports of UFO sightings and alien abductions in the UK.

UFO Sightings Over New England - A collection of UFO reports regarding the 6 New England states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

UFO Skeptic - An information site on the UFO phenomenon by and for professional scientists.

UFO Skeptics - A mailing list and discussion forum who those who advocate and adopt a consistent, critical appraisal of all, purported, 'UFO' related evidence.

UFO Skeptic's Toolkit - Contains lots of UFO material and some newsletters.

UFO Software Research Project. - This software leads the user from the beginnings of UFO research up to the present day events including UFO's all important role in the United Nations and the New World Order.

The UFO that Crashed in Wales - An account of the UFO that allegedly crashed into the Berwyn Mountains in Wales in 1974.

UFO: Ultrahighvoltage Flying Object - Attempt to propel a UFO by high voltage electric force continuing the work of T.T. Brown with emphasis on Ion Wind.

UFO World - Investigating UFO incidents at RAF Bentwaters, Woodbridge and Rendlesham forest.

The UFO World Homepage - No text, just pictures of UFOs from all round the world.

ufodatanet - Homepage - This is the Web site of the National Coordination Committee for Study and Research Projects of the Italian Centre for UFOlogical Studies (CISU). This site is aimed as a useful tool for all students interested in the scientific analysis and study of UFO phenomena. [Italian/English]

UFOINFO - Providing information regarding a wide range of UFO topics, an assortment of bulletins, links to organisations, magazines and a site search engine.

Ufologist.net - Search engine, news, and relevant articles.

UFOLOGY: An Informative Approach - History of UFO encounters, aliens on Earth, Roswell crash. In-depth articles on UFO personalities and abductees.

Ufology in the UK - Theories, articles, chat, reports, email community and more.

Ufology UK - Ufology theories, articles, reports, latest news, and local information.

UFONET UK - A beautifully designed site with lots of great information on UK UFO sightings and more.

UFO-Norge - Provides information about UFO-related incidents.

UFOrce - Flying saucer reports and alien encounters. The extraterrestrial hypothesis is explored.

UFORCE Newsletter - Archive of the e-mail update service of the UFO Resource Center published weekly or as breaking news develops.

UFOReports.com - Reporting on UFO Sightings, Bigfoot, Crop Circles, Mysterious Contrails, and more. News updated daily.

UFOresearch.com - Providing UFO research, abduction, aliens, space, Roswell, Crop Circles and coverup conspiracy.

UFOs & Aliens - A collection of videos and pictures of UFOs.

UFO's - Historical Sightings and Current Contact: An Ancestral Legacy? - In depth article in two parts on the history of UFO's and their connection to our ancient history.

UFO's & The Paranormal - UFO Sightings & Paranormal Reports. Welcome to Mystical Universe, Your gateway to UFO & Paranormal research and resources. Report your UFO Sighting Or Paranormal experience here.

UFOs & Transformation - UFOs have always been an enigma with multifaceted explanations and interpretations. If one has mild interest in the subject and is conversing with someone about it, that someone usually asks bewilderedly,

UFOs and Space Mysteries - UFOs, Aliens, Anomalies, Mars, Moon, Ancient Artifacts, Personal Contact Story, News, Space weather,and Links.

UFOs and the National Security State - An Unclassified History. Volume One, 1941 to 1973. This is a thorough historical analysis of the national security dimensions of the UFO phenomenon.

UFOs Daily - UFO news articles, streaming video and audio.

UFO's Evidence? - UFO, Cydonia, opinion & link page for the serious researcher.

UFO's in Cyprus - UFO sightings in or around Cyprus.

UFOs Over America - UFO sightings, encounters, photos and UFO-related events.

UFOs over Devon - Provides links to web pages which have a connection to UFO sightings over the county of Devon in southwest England.

UFOs: State of the Evidence 2000 - On-line article concerning the present juncture of the ufology v. Hard-science conflict of the last 50+ years.

UFOsRevealed - The truth behind the UFO phenomenon is revealed. Learn to stop abductions now.

UFO2U - Features alien conversations with a weekly Q&A forum, submitted paranormal stories, author Heidi Hollis, UFO2U group, and a unique alien gallery.

UFOzone - Latest news relating to the UFO phenomena, firsthand sighting reports, articles, and links.

The Ultimate UFOlogists WWW Page - UFO pictures, sightings, books.

Unicus - Magazine with articles, photographs and features on UFOs and other unexplained phenomena.

United Kingdom UFO Network - The latest UFO reports gathered from around the world.

VikingsNet Voyage - Links to UFO websites.

The Voyager Mission - Theories about the Face on Mars and NASA conspiracies.

The Weird Phenomenon - This site was designed to help UFO believers find other sites and read about other reports of sightings and abductions.

IUFOD - Internet UFO Digest - Internet UFO Digest. Collates breaking news stories on UFOs and other topics - both 'alternative' and 'mainstream'. Updated daily.

UFO Links - UFO research, sightings, reports, theories, merchandise, organizations. Hangar 18, Area 51, crop circles, extraterrestrials, Roswell crash.

UFOs and Extraterrestrials - Devoted to UFO and UFO related web sites. Many areas of Ufology are covered, including; aliens, saucers, cattle mutilations, government involvement, Area 51. Has links to UFO reports, investigations of sightings, pictures, videos. Also contains a newsgroup list, some web rings, and other UFO related information.

What is a UFO? - Definition of what a UFO is. Links to a broader based UFO web site.


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