Aaron's Crypto Photo Album - Many photographs and drawings.

The Bestiary - Contains information about creatures from mythology, cryptozoology, and folklore.

Celedriel's Realm - Sightings and photographs of faeries, elves, mermaids, water spirits, dragons, unicorns, sea and lake monsters, bigfoot, winged beasts and other strange and unknown creatures.

Crypto - Collection of essays on a wide range of cryptozoological subjects, written by Craig Heinselman, editor and publisher of "Crypto".

Crypto Chronicle - Information on many cryptozoological topics. By Brian Goodwin.

CryptoCumbria: Cumbrian Cryptozoology - A friendly club for those with an interest in cumbrian cryptozoology and Fortean zoology.

Crypto-Pics - Contains photographs and links.

The CryptoWeb - Information on many cryptids, as well as some in-depth articles. By Andrew D. Gable.

Cryptozoological Realms - Scott T. Norman's website.

The Cryptozoologist - Overviews cryptozoology, discusses some unknown creatures, and details the pursuit of these species by Loren Coleman, author and editor of The Cryptozoologist, and Cryptozoology A to Z.

Cryptozoology - Free newsletter, articles, links. By Chad Arment.

Cryptozoology: Bigfoot Page - Contains detailed Bigfoot/Sasquatch information.

Cryptozoology: Fact or Fiction? - Information and pictures of a variety of cryptids.

Cryptozoology Links - A massive collection of cryptozoology related links. By Philip R. "Pib" Burns.

The Cryptozoology Underground - Cryptozoology site specializing in news, sighting reports, and expedition information.

The Cryptozoology Web Ring - Join the webring or see a list of member sites.

Cryptozoology.com - About strange, out of place, and unknown animals. Also has polls, chat, forums, and entertainment. Compiled by Cisco Serret.

The Enigma Cryptozoo - Cryptozoology information and articles covering bigfoot, nessie, chupacabras, and others.

Far Shores CryptoCorner - Current headline news of relevance to those interested in Cryptozoology.

Fortean Field Guide - A guide to all sorts of cryptids. By Davy Russell.

The Goatman: Legend of Prince George’s County - A one page article about the goatman.

GUST Zoology: A World of Undiscovered Animals - The Global Underwater Search Team. In English or Swedish.

Jed's Cryptozoology Page - A page with many pics and downloads.

Joe's Cryptozoology Pages - Information about differant cryptids and interviews.

Monster Central - All sorts of cryptids.

The Monster of Weatherford, TX - Sightings, that originated with local Indians, of a giant bull in Texas.

Science and Creation - Cryptozoology, creation, and science.

The Shadowlands - Deals with much more than cryptozoology, but has excellent coverage of everything from bigfoot to sea serpents to living dinosaurs.

Skeptical Cryptozoology - Takes a skeptical view of cryptozoology, grouping the subject with paranormal claims.

Swamp Monsters - For membership and discussion on Swamp Monsters from around the globe.

Taking A Hard Look At Cryptozoology - A collection of cryptozoology related articles. By Ben S. Roesch.

Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology - Discussions on all aspects of Cryptozoology. In French and English.

Weird Creatures - Series of articles about cryptic weird animals.

Weird Wisconsin Creatures - Stories of strange and cryptozoological creatures troubling Wisconsin residents.

X-Project Cryptozoology Archives - A listing of X-Project Magazine articles covering cryptozoological topics.

The Beast of Gloucester - Some Recent Sightings of the Beast of Gloucester, an unknown English big cat.

Big Cats In Ayrshire. - Big cat sightings in the Scottish county of Ayrshire.

Big Cats in Ayrshire. - Big cat sightings in the Scottish county of Ayrshire.

Big Cats In Scotland - Reports, pictures, and evidence of big cats in Scotland.

Big Cats in the UK - News, information, and sightings of the big cats that are said to roam the UK.

Big Cats In Yorkshire. - Big cat sigtings in the Northern English county of Yorkshire.

The British Big Cat Mystery - Information about the mysterious big cats which are alleged to be roaming the British Isles.

British Big Cats - Insight into the mystery of the British Big Cats

UK Big Cats - Reports and background relating to Big Cats in the UK.


Bigfoot Internet Library - Information on Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti.

Adirondack Research Organization - Researching Bigfoot in upstate New York.

Big Foot Sightings: Fact or Fiction - A site devoted to bigfoot research.

BigFoot Busters - Researches big foot sightings, sasquatch, skunk ape, yowie and other unexplained sightings.

Bigfoot Central - Reporting and sighting retrieval site, with chat, images, interviews, interactive 3D bigfoot model concepts, and conceptual Bigfoot art.

Bigfoot Encounters: California Sightings List - Tons of information on Bigfoot including interviews, a collection of articles and a list of sightings for California.

Bigfoot Field Researchers' Resources Homepage - Includes geographic database of Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings from across North America as well as theories, research projects and tips on collecting evidence.

Bigfoot In New York - Recent events in New York as well as general information on the subject of Bigfoot.

Bigfoot In Southern Oregon - First Person account of the 7/1/00 Bigfoot sighting at the Oregon Caves NM, near Grants Pass, Oregon.

Bigfoot Internet Museum - Bigfoot site run by controversial researcher Erik Beckjord, who believes that Bigfoot is an interdimensional, shape-shifting creature.

Bigfoot, Man or Beast, Myth or Reality? - A closer look at Bigfoot/Sasquatch. By Ray Gavel.

The Bigfoot Research Network - The Bigfoot Research Network is a system to search for, document, and analyze potential evidence of this phenomenon.

Bigfoot Sighting: A Strange Encounter - A Bigfoot sighting in the mountains of northern California while on a camping trip.

Bigfoot Sightings - Bigfoot sightings, pictures, research.

Bigfoot: The Face in the Patterson/Gimlin Film - A re-examination of a frame from the Bluff Creek footage.

Bigfoot, the Myth, the Legend, the Reality - Comparisons of Bigfoot to the Mountain Gorilla, and the many similarities. Photos and links. View sighting reports.

BigfootBooks - A message board for book reviews and discussion on books, films, video documentaries, magazine/news articles and news letters on Bigfoot.

Bigfoot/Sasquatch FAQ - A comprehensive collection of the most commonly asked questions about North America's Great Ape.

BigFoot/Sasquatch Information - Articles about Sasquatch. Links to Sasquatch Research Sites. Bigfoot Message Board.

Cincinnati Bigfoot Research Center - A research group dedicated to the exploration of Bigfoot and related phenomenon since 1989.

Clan of Cain - A new dimension to the Bigfoot story. An author on the subject of Bigfoot links to the mystical and to the origins of Christianity.

Encounters With The Honey Island Swamp Monster - Selling book with information on sightings of mysterious swamp creature from hunters and swamp natives. Plaster Cast of original track also available.

The Florida Skunk Ape - Home of the Southernmost Bigfoot in the USA.

The Fringe Of the Fringe - Bigfoot, and skunk ape reports.

The Georgia Swamp Ape Research Center - The Southeast has become an area of debate among researchers. Some believe that the "creatures" encountered by witnesses in the south are more akin to a "Chimpanzee-like" hominid. The creature seems to be somewhat smaller than the Pacific Northwestern version. It is certainly more aggressive.

The Hairy-Naked Truth About the Missing Link - A study of the concept and representations of the Missing Link of human evolution

Minnesota Bigfoot - Information about Bigfoot and Sasquatch in Minnesota.

OH/PA Bigfoot Research Group - Ohio and Pennsylvania Bigfoot information, and examinations of the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Sighting - A rare indoor sighting of the creature commonly known as Bigfoot.

SE-SkunkApe@egroups - This is an e groups sponsered E-Mail discussion list on cryptozoology, The Skunk Ape, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, The Lizard Man, The Gorgia Pig Man, The Wookie, Big Cats, and other related subjects.

Texas Bigfoot Research Center - Group of Bigfoot researchers in the state of Texas.

This is Bigfoot Country: Washington State - This site contains information on Bigfoot, and photos.

The Washington State Sasquatch Search Group - Chronicles the hunt for Sasquatch in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State by a group of enthusiastic local believers.

The Western New York Bigfoot Investigation Center - Investigating sightings and diseminating information on the Bigfoot creature in NY state


The Chupacabra Home Page   - A myth? A legend? All we know is that it strikes in the night and has a weakness for blood. Put away the goats, and any other household pets, my friends, cause the Chupacabra may be coming to a barn near YOU. Find out more about Puerto Rico's version of the Yeti, the infamous Chupacabra.

BloodPredator - A serious study of chupacabras.

Casa De Chupacabra - Contains links, news, pics, and information.

Chupacabra - Chupacabra information, pictures, news, and links.

The Chupacabra (Goat Sucker) - Contains links, a description and some pictures.

Chupacabra: The Goat Sucker - Links to many differant chupacabra sites and articles.

Chupacabra: The Missing Monster - Some links and information.

Chupapalooza! - ParaScope'ssite devoted to the chupacabra.

Chupter - Small page with a differant chupacabra theory.

Coast to Coast AM: Chupacabra - This creature has been reported all over the continent. Here are some photos and information gathered from listeners and reporters.

El Chupacabra Online - Information about the Chupacabra, books, and T-shirts.

IChing's Chupacabra Page - Chupacabra Links and information.

TLC: Chupacabra - Join TLC on a Chupacabra hunt in Chile.

What Is the Chupacabra? - Links, photos, and information


Flying Rods Sighting Central - The all in one flying rods reporting and sighting retrieval site, with chat, images, interviews, interactive 3D flying rods model concepts, conceptual skyrockets art, articles and more.

Roswell Rods - FAQs, pics, videos, and more.

Globsters and Carcasses

StrangeMag: Globsters - Undoubtedly the most complete home of globster information anywhere on the net. A must see for anybody interested in globsters and carcasses.

Anomalies Article: The Canvey Island Monsters - Information about a bizarre looking animal found in the shallow water of a beach on Canvey Island, Britain, in 1954.

The Blobster - News article about a globster

The Cryptozoology Underground: Globsters - Differant Globster information.

Globster Index - This is an index (not a website) with good globster information.

MIB: Tasmanian Globster - Information about the Tasmanian Globster.

Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil - Theories of origin and information.

The Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens - Article about the Jersey Devil.

Jersey Devil Story: The Devil And The Dancing Fool - A short story based on two South Jersey legends, the Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens, and the hanging of Joe Mulliner, a Tory outlaw in the American Revolution.

Leut's Jersey Devil Site - The Most Inclusive Site on the Legend including: The legend, sightings, theories, oddities, hunts, a forum, artwork, chatroom, report your own sightings, and more on the official page of the Devil Hunters.

NJO: Jersey Devil Site - New Jersey Online feature site on the Jersey Devil with interviews, sightings and more

Outsanity: The Jersey Devil - Information, links, pictures. Also includes cross-refs with the Jersey Devil and Chupacabras.

Living Dinosaurs

Mokele-mbembe  - Mokele-mbembe has been described as an animal with a long neck, a long tail, and rounded shape tracks with three claws. The closest known animal that has these characteristics is a sauropod dinosaur.

African Mystery Animals - Encounters with Africa's mystery animals.

Creature Chronicles: Big Birds and Winged Creatures - When laymen hear the term UFO, they naturally think of flying saucers. In many instances it has been that of living things rather than those metallic discs...

Dinosaurlike Creature Said To Roam Africa - Interviews with Bantu tribesmen have produced shocking stories about encounters with a long-necked, water-dwelling beast of elephantine proportions.

Giant Elephants In Nepal - Are there giant elephants in Asia? Or, are they stegodonts?

High Strangeness: Was a Mokele-mbembe Killed at Lake Tele? - Article about two pygmies that supposedly killed a Mokele-Mbembe. By William Gibbons.

In Search of Living Dinosaurs - For over 100 years, explorers have been told tantalizing tales of living, breathing dinosaurs that still inhabit remote areas of rain forest.

Mokele M'Bembe: The Hunt For The Living Dinosaur - Information about living dinosaurs in Africa.

Mokele-Mbembe and Other African Oddities - Information about differant African dinosaurs.

The Loch Ness Monster

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: The Loch Ness Monster - This is a site put up by the Smithsonian Institute which gives a bit of history and a bibiliography of books and peridical articles relating to the Loch Ness Monster.

The Legend of Nessie - Up-to-date information and photographs of new and past sightings. A must for all Nessie enthusiasts.

Loch Ness Information Site - Resource provided by one of the key Loch Ness commentators.

Loch Ness Live - Features an above water and a below water live Loch Ness webcam.

Loch Ness Monster - Information and articles about Nessie.

Loch Ness Monster - Contains maps, pics, and sightings.

The Loch Ness Monster - General Nessie information.

Loch Ness Monster Research Society - Official website.

Loch Ness Monster: The Scottish legend - Photos, sightings and information.

The Loch Ness Mystery - Pictures of the Loch Ness Monster and Loch Ness, and information about the loch.

Lochness Central - The all in one Loch Ness reporting and sighting retrieval site, with chat, images, interviews, interactive 3D Loch ness model concepts, conceptual Loch Ness art, articles and more

Nessie on the Net - Official home of Nessie on the web. Includes Loch Ness webcam for monster spotting.

Nessie's Grotto - Everything you want to know about Nessie, Loch Ness, and surrounding attractions.

Ness-Scape: Nessie's Highland Web Site - Provides a wealth of information about the Loch Ness area and the Highlands of Scotland.

NOVA Online: The Beast of Loch Ness - The companion web site to "The Beast of Loch Ness", originally broadcast on NOVA on January 12, 1999. The film follows a three-week expedition that used state-of-the-art sonar and sensitive underwater cameras in an attempt to track down and identify the elusive creature.

The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan ClubŪ - If your searching for information about Loch Ness and Nessie, then you need to join Nessie's official and exclusive club.

The Official Nessie Fan Club - Free membership to the bookstore, information, and picture gallery.


Blather Archives: A Mothman Retrospective - Having finally read previously neglected copy of John Keel's 1975 fortean classic *The Mothman Prophecies*, Blather would care to share with you a smidgen of its worth.

Ghosts of the Prairie: Mothman - "Mothman" is perhaps one of the strangest creatures to ever grace the annals of weirdness in West Virginia, or even in all of America for that matter.

The Mothman: The Legend of Point Pleasant, WV - "The Official Mothman Website."

The Mystery of the Mothman - History and legend of the mothman.

Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters

Cadborosaurus Watch Page - A site dedicated to a sea creature that has been sighted off of the North American Pacific Northwest coast.

Champ Quest - Home Page of Champ Quest, a non-profit organization studying an unknown creature seen in Lake Champlain, Vermont.

The Legend of One-Eye - Stories about a lake monster in Granbury, Texas.

Pressie: The Lake Superior Monster - Site about the Lake Superior monster features sightings and a photo.

Sea Serpents & Lake Monsters - Many articles and pictures.

Sea-Monster or Shark - Case of a rotten basking shark corpse recovered by a Japanese trawler in 1977 that was misidentified as a plesiosaur (a prehistoric marine reptile).

Superior Cryptozoic Online - An introduction to the "hidden" fauna of Lake Superior.

Surreal Seal Campaign - Information about the possible existence of a Seal that has evolved a long neck.

Unknown Primates

The Alma and the Yeti - Wildmen of Asia - In the forests and plains of Siberia and China and in the mountains of the Himalayas, live two races of mysterious hairy wild people. Some scientists believe they are surviving ancestors of our own species.

Anomalies Article: The Big Muddy Monster - What was the Big Muddy Monster?

Australian X-Files Yowie Site - A place to report Yowie sightings as well as other unusual phenomena.

Mermaids In Lake Superior? - Briefly discusses mermaids as aquatic primates and looks at a couple of Lake Superior sightings.

Nguoi Rung, Vietnamese Forest People - Interesting page on the Nguoi Rung, a Vietnamese wildman.

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